taking the good with the bad…

well the good news is that i’ve not been slacking off on running!! (i’m loving this mild winter too much.) with an 8-miler to do this weekend, i’m right on my mileage target for the week (including a fun speed workout tuesday nite-repeats of the 102nd street transverse-but we had to turn around as soon as the first runner hit the end. so needless to say i didn’t cover the whole distance of the transverse each time…maybe .01 mile less?) But was worth it for the cupcakes afterwards 🙂

the bad is that i felt pretty tired and overwhelmed this week, and just didnt feel like blogging. the end-of-year slowdown at work is officially over and things are picking back up quickly…plus some lingering issues from last week. went out for a beer with some of the Flyers last nite after our group run, but besides that, just felt pretty dead in the evenings.
manhattan half t-shirt
but i’ll just rest up as this looks to be a busy weekend. first off, i decided i will do the first 8 miles of the Manhattan Half on Saturday. I will keep to training pace and I mean it. I do admit, I like the theme of the t-shirts they’re giving out this time around…gotta love a drinking theme 🙂

And then later that evening will be the event i’ve been waiting for and looking forward to for quite awhile…the Flyers awards gala. Besides the actual awards, this will be there the new exec board gets introduced and takes office. not to mention everyone dressed to the nines, good food and drink, dancing…what’s not to love?? i had a blast last year and i’m sure i will this year too. (now i just have to pray my dress will fit and that there will be no wardrobe malfunction!!)


One thought on “taking the good with the bad…

  1. Hope you had a nice run this morning…the weather was certainly a change from past Manhattan 1/2’s! I was impressed with the sheer numbers that showed up…I was trying to cross over at 84th street for my group’s run at 9:30…needless to say I got there right at the horn which made it complicated.Anyway, have fun at your awards gala tonight!

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