starting from scratch

that’s how my legs and lungs felt tonite, after attempting speedwork for the first time in over 6 months. was unsure after looking at the weather report whether or not i was gonna try it tonite…but when i left work, all was clear so i had no excuse ๐Ÿ™‚

but boy, it was tough. the workout was repeats of the .55 mile oval around the Great Lawn of Central Park for 30 minutes. With the option of the “beginner” group doing repeats of half that distance. After 2 full repeats of the oval, i felt like crap, and opted to do the shorter repeats for the rest of the time-which was probably what I should have done from the beginning, but do I ever do the smart thing? NO.

After the workout, I chatted with one of the assistant coaches about the Queens half…he said I already look to have a good start, and that I have plenty of time to prepare-just gradually increase the weekly/long run mileage, do a “lesser” speedwork workout for the next few weeks til I get used to it again, and if i want to use a race as a training run-e.g., using the Brooklyn half as a long run, or the Gridiron Classic 4M as an excuse to get an easy 4 miles in before Super Bowl without racing-there’s no shame in that. So sounds like a plan, now all i need to do is make it through the winter, and until there’s more daylight…the hardest part will be just fitting the miles in.

Like this week…I’m having to fit my running around my work events. Tomorrow is my company’s “Fun Day.” Based on the last 3 years, this is what I predict will be the agenda:

  • Morning-company-wide meeting, we listen to speeches-some actually entertaining!
  • Lunch at a good restaurant…I’m sure some type of alcohol will be served with our meal (I’m sure you know where this is going.)
  • Afternoon-bowling and free beer on the company
  • Post-bowling-drinks at a nearby bar (where one of the salespeople usually picks up the tab)

Then I get to be hung over Thursday morning and do it all again, with our fancy client party Thursday nite. ๐Ÿ˜€


2 thoughts on “starting from scratch

  1. Sounds like the come back is officially on! Yay!”Fun day”? We don’t get anything like that. So I suppose…enjoy.

  2. a little too much fun, as you all may have briefly saw… ;)as for the client party-ya know, it was the 4th i attended, and it’s getting a little old…i’m not the best mingling with hundreds of people i don’t even know. didn’t even stay that long. bring on the flyer party.

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