color me crazy?

yeah, for a coupla reasons. maybe.

so this weekend and last, i’ve been/will be going out to watch football games with teams playing that are pretty much “rivals” of my team (the Jets.) Went out last Saturday nite to watch the Patriots game with some teammates, and then Sunday saw the Giants game with Phil and some other (non-running) bloggers. needless to say, i cared more about chatting with everyone than watching the actual games. and tonite, i’ll be watching the Pats game with the same teammates, same place as last week. hey, as long as my team is out of it, gotta have something to keep me occupied. right?

and today, i was debating…to run or not to run. i knew i just had to get in a few miles to make it over 20 miles for the week and the options were run today with the threat of rain (but temps in the 50s), or tomorrow with the temps in the high 20s/low 30s. i’m sure those who know me knew which option i chose. so i decided to try and get in a quick 4-mile loop during the lull in the rain. temps were perfect, shorts weather. started my clockwise loop at west 86th when it was just misting…but it had picked up by the time i got to the 102nd street transverse. i said to myself “am i crazy for being out here?” nope. i saw plenty of other people doing the same thing i was doing, including 3 of my teammates. and surprisingly, even though the weather was crappy, i was feeling good. good enough to not take the 72nd street cutoff and add another 1.1 miles to my run, and run the whole thing at an 8:50 pace. nice.

so i netted out at 23.7 miles this week, which i’m happy with, i’m trying to get my mileage back up over 20 miles a week and this is the 2nd week i’ve done it since the injury. this tuesday i am gonna try and attempt speedwork, and also have a chat with one of our coaches about a game plan for the Queens half. it’ll be good to have some real direction again.

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3 thoughts on “color me crazy?

  1. I am very happy for you! It’s good to see somebody around here getting a goal checked off. Especially you, actually, since you’ve expressed such disappointment with yourself in the past.I admit I’m a little jealous as well. I want to feel good like that when I run! and I think i’d trade a body part or so for an 8:50 pace. well, anyway, congrats!

  2. thanks, guys. very long time coming. and through months of crappy runs to boot. (think i can also apply this analogy to men? LOL.)now can the weather just go back to the 50s?

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