doesn’t feel real

i’ve already met with the new exec board this week. i’m still hearing congrats either verbally or via email. it still doesn’t feel real.

what a difference, almost 10 years makes. i remember running for positions on my sorority’s e-board, but kept getting shot down every time. i was too new, i was too shy, whatever, there was some excuse. (and the kicker was that i wound up doing those positions anyway…because whoever got them over me didn’t have their sh*t together. and i did. i was always on top of things.) anyway, in comparison, this victory was sweet. this makes up for what happened in college. yeah, i may not be the most outgoing person in the world-i’m pretty social, but i do have my shy/quiet times-but but being social chair helped in that department, and i knew I could be a great exec board member and enough teammates agreed. they believed in me.

i’m excited for this year, we have a very gung-ho exec board with some great ideas and plans, and i have my own visions for 2006 that i’d like to see happen. they will happen.

in the meantime, this is the first 5-day week i’ve worked since early December. and i got clients coming out of the woodwork like crazy. boy am i exhausted and looking forward to a long weekend. and next week filled with my work events šŸ™‚

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