and the winner is…

this one is gonna be short and sweet since i need my beauty sleep for a client meeting i have tomorrow morning…but yes, as i hinted previously, i did win the election, and I’m very excited for the upcoming year.

and the weekend pretty much consisted of celebrating and watching football at various venues around the city.

but more on all that later…


4 thoughts on “and the winner is…

  1. congrats you member at large you! (are you the member at large? think your name’s lara from that bar post). why not organize a flyers event just down the 78 in good ol’ atown?

  2. Congratulations on being re-elected. They must have liked your style.

  3. partyrunner-thanks!! yep, i’m member at large (isnt that title an unfortunate one for a female? LOL)thomas-thanks! actually it’s not a re-election…i ran for the same position last year and lost, and became social chair as a consolation prize. so i guess they liked my style doing that 🙂

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