election day

well the day is here. today (friday) is the last day of the Flyer e-board elections. and i am nervous as hell. i’m sure the races are close as can be, and it’s anyone’s race. i’d like to think i am the best one for the job-and that what i accomplished this year can back that up, but there’s a part of me that just doesn’t know…

anyway, i asked to find out as soon as possible as the votes are tallied so i can actually sleep on friday nite 🙂 we’ll see if that really does happen.

as far as how i will announce the results…if i do win, i will change something on this blog by noon on saturday. if not, well…i guess business as usual for this blog. (or not.)

cross your fingers, toes, or whatever else for me 🙂

now playing: “fill me in” ~ craig david

7 thoughts on “election day

  1. Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!

  2. Good luck from the deep south;0)

  3. thanks guys!!phil-i run a classy campaign…no cheating for this girl :)uptown girl-i can hear the southern drawl from here 🙂 hope you had a safe trip back.just over 3 hours to go…arrgghhh…

  4. Liar Liar pants on fire!!!! You said you were gonna update!!! I heard the news shouted over from lane one in the pool over to lane two at 6 AM….Well, should i spill the beans???? I couldn’t bear to do that to your devoted audience. I’m guessing when you heard the news, you could’t sleep anyway, and by noontime you were catching up?? so, umm… congratulations or condolences, choose one…… 😉

  5. oh but i did!(i guess the song quote under the blog name was always kinda subtle…)anyway…thanks!! still doesn’t seem real….

  6. ah ha, I thought I noticed that. Congrats on the position:0) And yes, it’s good to be back in ole’ New York.

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