a comedy of errors

ya know, i used that phrase to describe a lot of things that happened in 2005, so now is it only fitting that i use that to describe how i closed out 2005?

i think i have come to the conclusion that i am the oldest 29-year-old ever and that i am so over the bar scene. but i guess i needed one night to get it out of my system…

it all seemed not so bad, right? a bar i liked on the UWS, a cover that was a little pricey, but not outrageous, open bar, a fun girls’ night out. didn’t happen quite like that. took half an hour just to check our coats. then by that time, the bar was so packed, that it took another half hour just to get a round of drinks (and i asked for 2 of each-f*ck double-fisting.) needless to say that was the only round of drinks we got and i was painfully sober that nite. the food and champagne toast at midnight that was advertised didnt happen. there were no guys there i’d even think about kissing at all, let alone at midnight. finally by about 1, we had just about had it-the place was far too crowded so we just left and hung out at my place for a bit.

I’m beginning to think Phil had the right idea-i think i prefer it when we celebrate the new year back in September or October ๐Ÿ˜‰

Would I have had a better time if I had done the Midnight Run? Maybe. But I’m actually a little superstitious about New Year’s…i feel that if I had a bad year, then something I did on NYE led to it and I can’t do it again…at least not the year after. I’m hoping maybe the fact that I am not hungover and i am actually awake before noon will lead to a good year…maybe?? hopefully??

well i do have a few things to look forward to this month…the Flyer e-board elections coming to an end at the end of this week-i’m hopeful, but still very, very nervous about the results. (and if you’re a Flyer and you haven’t already voted, vote now, and vote for me!! you know who you are ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I have my company’s “fun day” and client party in another coupla weeks, and then the Flyers awards party at the end of the month. so much for a post-holiday slowdown…lol.

and i refuse to make resolutions…don’t believe in them. but i do hope to not make a lot of the same mistakes I made in ’05…time will tell…

now playing: “breathe” ~ kylie minogue


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