just unacceptable

it’s still the 12 days of Christmas. it’s still the 8 crazy nights of Hanukkah. i don’t have to write “2006” on my checks yet.

so for the love of god, can someone please tell me why the stores are already selling candy and other stuff for….


i feel like the gods are laughing at me for being single or something. (and as february 14th comes closer, you will see more rants from yours truly on that excuse for a holiday.)

well the only good part about seeing that was that i felt so sick to my stomach, i had no desire to buy more Hershey’s mint kisses…


6 thoughts on “just unacceptable

  1. hm.isn’t yours the purple blog? the PASSION-colored blog? something doesn’t add up here.

  2. actually, i consider this shade to be more blue-violet 🙂 and my blog’s previous incarnation was cool blue.what blog color do you think would better match my cynical nature? 😀

  3. grey maybe? wouldn’t look as nice, tho

  4. i think i’ll just stick to what’s pleasing to the eye. it may or may not accurately reflect my feelings at the moment :-p

  5. Hey there sweetie pieI know a couple of handsome young men who would looove to be your Valentine….:-)Anyway – you are NOT kidding – I thought you were exaggerating but I heard it for myself on hot 97 this morning. They are advertising their Ladies Night Valentines day party – ” the perfect gift, fellas!”Well – TOTAL damage control over here, being the first day back to school. Whatever you’re feeling, i can assure you the carnage over here is worse. At least temporarily.Glad you are enjoying your blog, you have quite a following! I think they should post links to blogs on the NYF website. Happy new year and see you at the race. Heidi

  6. i think i know who those handsome young men are (albeit a little too young for me-LOL!)now the v-day madness is infiltrating Starbucks. leave my safe haven alone. :)hope all will be better with the first day of school behind you guys…i feel like this is the first day back after “winter vacation” too.and i doubt i’m doing the race sunday…no over-racing in ’06, remember?

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