a couple of top ten lists

first off-i just want to say my previous post about my 2005 running year in review…that one is only about actual running performance. i do know there were non-performance things that turned out well…but i’ll get to those later.

anyway, everyone has a top 10 list or two in some shape or form, so why not me too?

here’s one, which i won’t go into too much detail about…my top 10 songs of 2005:

10. “These Words” ~ Natasha Bedingfield
9. “Put Em High” ~ Stonebridge
8. “Rich Girl” ~ Gwen Stefani
7. “Pump It” ~ Black Eyed Peas
6. “Since U Been Gone” ~ Kelly Clarkson
5. “Love On My Mind” ~ Freemasons
4. “La Tortura” ~ Shakira
3. “Cool” ~ Gwen Stefani
2. “Gold Digger” ~ Kanye West
1. “Hung Up” ~ Madonna

this one I will make a little more detailed…my top 10 discoveries of 2005.

10. post-long run brunches-especially Arte Cafe-the home of the unlimited Bellinis. (in case anyone was wondering, my PR is 7 Bellinis, tied with one of my teammates.)
9. Hershey’s mint chocolate-so deliciously good yet so deliciously evil at the same time.
8. Madonna’s CD Confessions on a Dancefloor-first CD I have bought in a long time. worth every penny.
7. iTunes-i might have been a little slow to catch on to this one, but it’s great to sample a lot of songs, and even has a much better selection than i once thought (can find some extended dance remixes on there)
6. iPod nano-have only used mine for 5 days, but really enjoying it-kicks the crap out of my previous mp3 player!
5. Gawker-first saw it mentioned on blogs, and when i had to see a certain story involving one of my relatives…now is something i must read religiously, every day. too funny.
4. my camera phone-2 years ago i didn’t think i needed one, now i don’t know what i’d do without it.
3. Asics GT-2100s-everyone has a kind of running shoe that was “meant for them”-took lord knows how long (and a couple previous misdiagnonses) but found my perfect pair. (now only hoping that the upgrades will be just as good, once my 3 pairs of 2100s wear out…)

and the next 2 sorta tie for first…

1. Flyers’ social chair-got off to a very rocky start at first, and dealt with some committee changes, but the stronger team prevailed in the end…learned that man, I am a trooper and won’t quit. who knew? Got to meet a lot more Flyers this year at the events. Was very cool to see how successful an event I created-or helped to create-turned out. Even helped me with planning things outside of the Flyers!! now who’s gonna be insane enough to follow in my footsteps next year… 🙂
1. Blogs. need I say more? 🙂

and that’s the year in review, folks!


2 thoughts on “a couple of top ten lists

  1. Hi, thanks for your comment. I was just thinking I have not heard form you in a while, now I can see you’ve been busy blogging! I am going to try an dcatch up on all your latest news later on, but helllooooo for now, from over by the Peconic Bay.

  2. what can i say, i got bored with everyone out of town :-phappy new year!! have some Pindar wine for me 🙂

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