running year in review-2005

i guess i’m due for one of these posts. or something.

just a warning-this is not going to be one of those “oh, this year had its ups and downs but i learned so much about myself” kind of a post. nope, i’m just gonna write how i feel, and i don’t want to sugar-coat it.

One word describes my 2005 running year, and that is “disappointing.”
(running performance-wise, that is…)

These were my 2005 goals:

Racing goals:
Don’t be so hard on myself-not every race has to be a PR.
Pick and choose my battles-I found I raced so much better in the fall that way.
Get a few more half-marathons under my belt
Run first marathon (NYC)
Stay as injury free as possible while achieving those goals…

Time goals:
Sub-30 4 miler
Sub-37:30 5 miler
Sub-47 10K
Sub-1:50 half
Sub-22 5K (lesser importance-I’ve found I don’t like those as much as 10K’s…)

Well I achieved only 1 racing goal (do a few more halfs) and only one time goal (sub-1:50 half) this year. Was so not worth it, as sadly it cost me all of my other goals. I over-raced, I got disappointed in my times, i got injured and had to forget about the marathon. And even before I got injured, running went from something being easy and effortless to being stressful. Every time I ran, I had to pray that I could just “hang on” for even as little as 4 miles without asking someone to slow down.

With the help of my sports doc, I figured out where I went wrong…I didn’t allow myself ample recovery from the Vegas half. And that was a very hard half-that course did a number on my quads, and since I was trying for sub-1:45, I really went all out. Hindsight says I should have taken it easy for 2 weeks or so, but I didn’t. And I got so frustrated when other teammates who ran the same half, and roughly the same time as me, were PRing all over the place in other races not too long afterwards. So I just chalked it up to something being wrong with me, and felt I had to just suck it up and train harder. I had a good race at the Queens half, but that comeback was short-lived.

So here I am, running again, the foot injury almost fully gone but I can sometimes feel a twinge here or there. And my old legs, my old speeds still aren’t back. meh.

Not sure where to go from here. I was sorta eyeing the ’06 Queens half at the end of April as a comeback half of sorts…I really like the course, it’s late enough in the year to prepare and hopefully won’t be too hot then. I have 4 months-is that enough time? I was hoping to go sub-1:45 in the half in ’06 on a tougher course than Vegas to feel like I really “earned” it but at this point I think I’d be happy with a course PR (sub-1:47.)

Overracing-one thing I think I noticed was that I didn’t feel “pressure” to race, but I found the races to be social events and felt like I’d be missing out by not being there. And once you have the bib and chip on, it’s tough to not give it your all…

So I guess what I’d like to do in ’06 is train smarter, get back to my old mileage (25-30 mpw), try speedwork again, PR in all distances (esp. the half) and finally run the NYC marathon. And somehow avoid getting injured again. And have running to be fun again instead of stressful.

And I honestly have no clue how to go about any of that.

2006 will be interesting, I guess.

4 thoughts on “running year in review-2005

  1. I think racing is like human relationships: it’s important to pick your battles. When it’s a key race, absolutely give it your all, but in other circumstances it’s often more valuable to remain focused on the big picture vis-a-vis your long-term objectives, and treat your race accordingly . Worth what you paid for it.

  2. Best of luck in ’06. NYC 2006…you’ll be there.From what I’ve read, you’ve been very smart with recovering from your injuries. I have a feeling the knowledge you’ve gained will help a lot in the year to come.Have fun and bring on ’06.

  3. A good time to be setting goals for next year – all the best for some injury free running.

  4. thanks gals/guys. unfortunately, while patience is a virtue, it’s never been a virtue of mine!! :)happy new year!

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