stretching the truth

hmmm…gotta love when you browse online dating sites, and see others you know. or do you?

so i’m looking at JDate, and i think i may have stumbled upon the profile of a lawyer that i went out on a date with last month. the pictures looked like him, the profile sounded like him, only thing not meshing is the age…looks like he is a few years younger on his profile. (and let’s just say that “few years younger” was enough to make his age begin with a “3.”) if that really was him…don’t know if he was stretching the truth on his profile…or to me…whatever. but…

is it really worth it to lie about things like age, occupation, etc…on an online dating profile? you know it will just catch up with you if you intend to ever be serious about anyone you date through those sites…

(and those people are always the ones that want “trust, respect and honesty” from a relationship…right?)


One thought on “stretching the truth

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