new year’s frustrations

it’s no secret i absolutely hate new year’s eve. hate it, hate it, hate it. every year, so stressful…it’s so built up for such forced celebration. and it’s not like i’m going to have anyone to kiss at midnight anyway…

i’d be happy with just staying in and not dealing with it, but i’d feel like a loser if i didn’t do *something*…sigh.

anyway, i’m trying to find a bar that won’t have a ridiculously overpriced deal and i’m not having much luck…very, very frustrating. (and my friends that i’m tentatively supposed to be hanging out with on NYE don’t run, so the Midnight Run won’t be an option.)

so damn stressful and frustrating…and isn’t getting me in a celebratory mood, that’s for sure.

8 thoughts on “new year’s frustrations

  1. well, I’m going to the Midnight Run. we could find a drink together afterwards, if you want.

  2. hey thanks 🙂 i’m unfortunately not sure if i’m gonna be doing the run or not. those damn non-running friends. j/k :)it’s a shame, because we always have fun when we go out, i just hate the stress that NYE adds. for a city full of opportunity, it seems a little limiting, ya know?(BTW-I recommend Westside Brewery for post-Midnight Run drinks.)

  3. I say, go to a bar party, make eye contact with someone that meets your criteria and at midnight plant one on’em. There’s nothing more thrilling than getting a good midnight kiss from someone you’ve been flirting with all night long.If not, call me and I’ll get my chapstick ready 😉

  4. Totally, totally agree with you about new years eve. So, so glad to see that there are others out there who feel the same.

  5. lol…it’s a cute suggestion (and thx for the offer too 😉 ), but in keeping with the theme of some of my previous posts, i sorta wish i’d be kissing someone i really cared about instead of someone random…know what i mean? i had a first date with a guy 2 NYE’s ago…and turned out to be a last date too.(and i guess part of me was hoping i would have a boyfriend by this time…but no such luck.)and wouldn’t you know it, my friend may be canceling on me and i might be doing the midnight run after all…now i have to stress out about what to do beforehand! it just never ends…update: or not…arrgh, my control freak-ish nature is not taking this well. i need to know my plans in advance!! 😀

  6. I don’t understand why we make such a big deal about this holiday. I mean wasn’t New Years three months ago? (Rosh Hashanah?) 😉

  7. kosher white zinfandel anyone? 😉

  8. Manischevitz, baby.

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