it’s oh so quiet

typical for the week between xmas and new year’s right? the office is a ghost town. so…what better way to take advantage of it with a 2-hour lunch? even better when the waiters know us and they slip us a complimentary glass of port. even better when it’s expensed too 🙂
my new ipod nano
so right now, i’m utlizing my hanukkah present, which is in the piccy to the right…how cute is this thing? 😀 i am actually wearing the white headphones right now…not overly comfortable though. got a pretty cool case to go with it…will come in very handy when running.

saw la familia on sunday and yesterday…”celebrated” hanukkah with both homemade latkes and chinese food…and everyone was very happy with their presents…

was not too happy to come back to my place last nite and see part of the wall torn out…yeah, there’s work being done in my apartment and the place is a disaster area (but still somewhat liveable) but hopefully when all is said and done, i won’t have the same issue with lack of heat that i’ve had the last 2 winters, and my ConEd bills will go back to normal (you know there’s a problem when i’m paying twice as much during heating season than during A/C season-especially with this summer’s record heat! heat is supposed to be included in my lease.)

i need to get back to some sort of routine…ever since last week, i have not been able to fall asleep til after 2 am (damn transit strike coverage,) and waking up around noon (or if i’m getting up early for work or something, it ain’t a pretty sight!) don’t think any morning runs will be happening any time soon…at least not til after the new year…

now playing: “long way down” ~ goo goo dolls


4 thoughts on “it’s oh so quiet

  1. Happy Hannukah and…protect that Nano immediately! They scratch right off the bat. Use case religiously.I wanted to be able to use the nano armband when running with it, so I got this slick plastic protector that goes on semi-permanently decal-style and comes with lifetime warranty and all. Stuff is tough as nails and doesn’t affect functionality of the nano at all. I used this stuff: is used and reviewed here: ipod ever.

  2. thanks guys!!brooklyn-thanks for the links!! one of my teammates also uses the plastic protector for his nano and says it works well. for now, it’s resting pretty in its case 🙂

  3. Oooh so pretty:) Man my poor pink ipod mini feels so old now…it still rocks though. Darn being a technology geek;-)As for the routine thing, I hear ya. Getting out of bed has been a herculian task these days..In any event, Happy Hanukkah:) Enjoy your new toy!

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