hanukkah in april?

seriously, it felt like that today!! 50-something degrees!! now that’s an early hanukkah present 🙂

and of course, i got another early hanukkah present yesterday…

the M79 bus up and running after the strike81st street subway station, open for business once again

man, it was great to have everything up and running…I had last minute holiday stuff to do, which meant me trekking from uptown to midtown, from the west side to the east side and back…was nice to be able to just hop on a subway or bus again 🙂

and today, with the temps at 50-something degrees, was a shorts day for running for the first time in god knows how long! ran the 6-mile loop clockwise (at pretty much a 9-even pace) which i like doing every once in awhile…since most run counterclockwise, you can see who else is running and it’s fun to acknowledge each other with a hi or a smile or something.

my original plan for tonite was to do the “matzo ball“…the typical jewish singles thing for XMas Eve. My “Jewish partner in crime” friend from work and I have gone the last coupla years. But this year neither of us were really that into it. Personally…I can think of better things I can be doing with my $30 and do I honestly really have any luck at these things? no. so it’ll be a chill XMas Eve for me, then off to see la familia tomorrow for Hanukkah.

So to all my faithful readers (and to those who aren’t, haha)-happy holidaze to you all!! 🙂

now playing: “mad about you” ~ belinda carlisle


8 thoughts on “hanukkah in april?

  1. Happy Hanukkah! :)I hear you on the Matzo ball thing…I had a few friends trying to pull me to go to it and it just isn’t my “scene.” I actually enjoy having some time to myself…not many opportunities for that in this town.And let’s hope for this weather next weekend as I’m doing to the Midnight Run!

  2. i had not heard about this matzo ball thing. but on reading this, i did consider trying to infiltrate. even picked out a name, “raphael rosenbaum”. however, ended up sticking to my original plan of watching “Six Feet Under” on DVD.

  3. Uptown Girl-Happy Hanuhhah backatcha :)it’s funny, the first time I went it was fun-guess it was a novelty. last year was fun, but not as much so…guess it’s sorta getting old…or I’m getting old!!Last year’s Midnight Run was pretty mild!! I think it was even shorts weather. i might be missing it this year…might have other plans…we’ll see.Derek-why, oh why am I not surprised…however, you would not have been the only one with that plan 😉

  4. Happy Hanukkah! I’m currently at my parent’s place where I slept over last night in my old bedroom. We also saw “King Kong” last night in a movie theater packed with Jews. Going to the Matzah Ball was so not an option for me either. I dread meat-market events like that.

  5. well, why didn’t you call me back, bitch! i was gonna try and drag you out for some christmas cheer.

  6. that’s “mz. biatch” to you.:-p(seriously…if that was true thanks anyway! unfortunately i was not in a christmas-cheery mood that nite… :-\ )

  7. Hey, thanks for the comments. It’s jbl’s fault that I started the blasted thing; he’s been working on me about it for ages. Lost your url previously, but now it’s bookmarked; much appreciated. Have a great New Year’s Eve!

  8. hey, thanks for stopping by!! looks like blogs may become the latest NYF trend ;)enjoy the rest of your trip out west and the rest of the holidaze! 🙂

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