biting the bullet

so, day 2 into the transit strike, i actually had to go into the office for a group meeting and to do some stuff that i couldn’t do from home, so i decided to suck it up and walk the 70 blocks/3.5 miles…just slipped on the Asics 2100s and went. Took me just under an hour…wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but not something i’d want to do everyday (especially if it were colder or raining/snowing!)

but it was worth it to come into the office…my group did our annual holiday gift exchange, plus our group and the interactive group had a nice little holiday lunch on the company (Republic…good stuff!) definitely the high point of the week…and luckily for me, another co-worker had driven today and so he gave me and others a ride home. which left me not as tired as i thought i would be, so i joined a coupla Flyers for the wednesday night group run-did the middle 4 (plus another mile for me to get to/from the meeting place)…and i’m sure you can imagine, most of the conversation revolved around the strike and our battle stories.

i’m working from home again tomorrow, then no work til next tuesday. we’ll see what’s what then…hoping for the best, still expecting the worst.

now playing: “it’s my life” ~ no doubt

2 thoughts on “biting the bullet

  1. Well you can be happy now…no more walking to/from work for you:) You should have been more negative from the start…ha!Definitely looking forward to a DEAD week at work next week!Time for one last HIKE home:)

  2. and for you too!! (though you were much more of a trooper than i was!)i’d be lying if i didn’t say i was majorly relieved!

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