strike three…you’re out!!!

its for real this time...a closed subway station on the UWSok, so the winter of ’99…a transit strike was threatened (however, as i was living in NJ at the time, i would not have been overly affected, but i know my other colleagues would have been.) didn’t happen.

then, december ’02. once again, a strike threatened. averted at the last minute, if i recall correctly.

[sarcasm]guess third time’s the charm, huh?[/sarcasm]

yep, i was glued to NY1 for a good part of the nite. even now, it still seems kinda surreal-i can’t believe the transit strike is actually happening.

today, i’m working from home…tomorrow, i will have to make the trek into the office for a group meeting and to do other things where i will need access to some office resources. this should be fun. i guess i’ll be walking. i’m sure as hell not staying in the office for a full workday though.

but honestly, what’s scary about this whole thing is that i truly do not see an end in sight…


4 thoughts on “strike three…you’re out!!!

  1. So much for your “oh it won’t happen” comment to me at brunch:-p The walk…well it is quite something. I think I lost all feeling in my face this morning…can’t wait for the walk home .I definitely woke up at 2am and watched NY1 (probably hoping that all was calm). I’m seriously considering running to work tomorrow and throwing a change of clothes and such in a small bag on my back (shower at NYSC).

  2. better get used to it. i don’t think we’ll see this one resolved before the new year.

  3. Who needs NYRR? We should coordinate a huge “Race to Your Workplace”!I also don’t see an end in sight to this strike. Which is ridiculous. Under the MTA’s offer, the TWU would get respectable raises. And none of the current members health or pension plans would change. Their biggest complaint was provisions for future employees and when the MTA finally conceded to keep the retirement age at 55, they STILL said no! Bad union, bad!

  4. i eventually had to turn off NY1. i swear i was gonna throw something at the TV if i saw the TWU commercial one more time. i honestly feel no sympathy for them.uptown girl-i was right about that it wouldn’t happen last week at least :-p

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