waiting for the other shoe to drop…

…or for the buses and subways to stop running.

yeah, it’s sorta good news that we were spared today…but today walking down 23rd St and seeing quite a few busses that said “Not in Service”…or waiting for the uptown subway and seeing the downtown subway bypassing the station. it just makes you nervous, not knowing what is gonna happen, when it’s gonna happen!! (heck, it’s even affected my plans for tonite…instead of multi-tasking 2 parties, i’m just going to one that is within walking distance.)

in other news today, after having it up to here with my cell phone lately (only one call and the battery would be on only one bar!!) i took advantage of my “new every 2” deal and got a cool new camera-phone. i’m already having fun playing around with it 🙂

now playing: “not in love (extended vocal remix)” ~ enrique iglesias/kelis


2 thoughts on “waiting for the other shoe to drop…

  1. I, too, got a new camera-phone just yesterday. I was due to re-up with Verizon, but had some issues with their hardware choices, their choice of signal band, and some other things. I wound up with Cingular service and a v3, for only a $40 net cost to switch services. So far, so good.

  2. i’ve had verizon for the past 6 years…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, i guess. and i’ve been sorta partial to Motorola’s since my StarTac phone back in ’99.Verizon is now finally offering the Razr phone…i resisted getting that one. don’t quite need all that flash just yet. (plus i’ve heard mixed reviews)enjoy your new phone! camera-phones are fun 🙂

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