where did this year go?

seriously. it felt like just yesterday that i was approached at the Flyers’ awards party back in January by our newly elected president, asking if i wanted to be social chair. it too also seemed like yesterday that I was running for e-board for the first time.

but there i was last nite. my co-social chair and i raising a shot to ourselves at this, our last big event of ’05. you know the event is a success when we stay so long that we get “kicked out.” last nite’s holiday party at Blondies on the east side…good food, open bar, good company, can’t ask for much more sometimes. oh yeah, a surprise visit from Santa too…let’s just say i knew who in our club would be perfect for playing Santa…and he went for it. i’m sure he had lots of fun having people sit on his lap 😉

and yes…i was well behaved when it came to the open bar…hey, this girl had campaigning to do!! 🙂 and it just felt so good to not feel like i was constantly being watched…see, i can pace nearing the finish of the '05 joe kleinerman 10kmyself. and i can learn from mistakes 🙂

oh and brightroom posted the pics from the Kleinerman 10K…this one picture of me didn’t turn out half-bad…who knew i was capable of anything resembling a smile in the last mile of a 10k…

ah…so nice to have today and tomorrow off. especially in case the MTA does strike tomorrow…which i really hope does not happen. ever since i’ve been living/working in the city, every time a strike has been threatened, it’s been averted at the 11th hour. but i am a little surprised that my company hasn’t given us any contingency plans…there is no way i am walking the 70-something blocks in each direction every day…and this chick does not make enough to take cabs to/from work on a regular basis. and i know i’m not the only one in that boat. i could work from home, but there is only limited stuff i could do.

Update-just got a memo from my company saying that we are still expected to come in to work-and those who cant go into work due to the strike will have to charge it to vacation/personal time. I’m lucky that I’m carrying over a shitload of vacation days to ’06, but what about those employees who exhausted all their ’05 vacation/personal time already? i’m sorry, but i think my company could have done a little better job at a contingency plan.

let’s just hope, for everyone’s sake, it doesn’t get to this point…

now playing: “i’m outta love” ~ anastacia


7 thoughts on “where did this year go?

  1. That’s a great picture of you!

  2. do you fake it for the cameras or are you really running with that smile all the time? (see profile picture as well.)

  3. thanks guys!nah, i don’t always run smiling all the time. if i see one of my teammates taking pictures (like in the case of my profile picture) then yeah, of course i will. and this time, i think i spotted the brightroom photographers…but if i am having a bad day, it can be tough to fake…

  4. Good to see someone else can look happy while running;) I’ve been known to have smiles…including mile 18 of a marathon?!Boy did you luck out with days off….hopefully they’ll work this thing out before the end…. As for work, they did the same thing here…it’s as if nothing is happening and every man/woman for themselves!

  5. you know the irony of this whole transit strike thing…the ones with the longest commutes are least affected!! our office is within decent walking distance of Penn and Grand Central, and the path trains are running.as far as lucking out with days off, tomorrow’s just one day. it’ll be business as (somewhat) usual next week…

  6. Yeah it is funny in that way…I’m within sneezing distance of Grand Central and definitely not far from Port Authority, nor Penn Station. I normally wouldn’t mind as it’s a relatively easy run/walk for me from my apartment but the heavy rains forecasted tomorrow…not so fun.

  7. i think your company’s kind of jerky. no offense. but i mean, come on! unless you can expense the cab, which i think would be fair. nice running pic. nice smile 😉

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