it’s the end of the year as i know it

well…the NYRR racing year, that is.

So, today was the Joe Kleinerman 10K. A packed race (over 4000 runners) for 2 reasons…1-the final “club points” race of the season, so all the local teams have their ringers and everyone else out. and 2-the next to last marathon qualifying race of the year…and those who need to get in the last of their 9 races will be here.

and as usual, the beginning starts off like pretty much every race for me…jog to the baggage area, drop off my bag, see a teammate and chat with them while walking to the start line, see another coupla teammates while waiting for the start of the race. finally the race started, took me about a minute to cross the start line, and the first mile was very crowded, just like it was last year. but dumb me, i realized during mile 1 that my watch was on the wrong mode and didn’t start, so i figured i’d start it at the mile 1 marker and then get that mile split when i find out what my real net time was.

the actual race itself was pretty uneventful-i pretty much didn’t have it in me to race, and just kinda “tempoed” it. the hills were killing me, and got a sidestitch during miles 4 and 5 and almost had to walk near the end of Cat Hill, but hung in there. having the mp3 player kept me sane. finally after mile 5, i thought “the faster i run, the faster i finish” and picked it up. was tough to sprint when we neared the finish “chute” on east drive since it was so crowded, but as soon as we turned onto the transverse i had the room to sprint to the finish.

the vital stats-splits 8:35/8:26/8:01/8:32/8:38/8:10/1:41. net time 52:03, an 8:23 pace. i’ll take it.

the Flyer women came in 5th…nice way to cap off a great year, ladies. couldn’t be more proud to be your captain πŸ™‚ i predict great things for you in ’06.

the baggage situation was dreadful. felt like i was waiting forever in line, and was freezing since my gloves, headband and jacket were in my bag. but finally got it and headed to…

the nyc bloggers brunch!! yep, in attendence were myself, Derek, Uptown Girl, Danny and Brooklyn. everyone was super nice and the brunch was super fun. lots of laughs and talking about our blogs and other stuff outside of that πŸ™‚ definitely have to do this again, and hopefully meet more of the nyc bloggers too!!

so that concludes our 2005 racing season for yours truly. with winter coming up, i’m content to just kick back and base-build for awhile. maybe i’ll bring out the running shoes for a short club points race in february. but i’m really gonna try hard to stick to my “no over-racing” for ’06.

now playing: “no more drama (remix)” ~ mary j. blige


4 thoughts on “it’s the end of the year as i know it

  1. Thanks for coming to brunch today! It was nice to finally put the face with the blog.Anyway, enjoy the hibernation mode for the next couple months…running season 2006 is definitely not far away.For now, it’s back to watching the rest of survivor…


  3. nice meeting you today. i’m sure we’ll run into each other again soon. (geez, that’s corny…)anyway, good luck in the upcoming elections!

  4. uptown girl and danny-great putting the blog name with the faces too!! thanks to all who organized…i probably wont be in complete hibernation this winter…except on single digit days. just giving the racing shoes a break, i guess. and thanks for the good luck wishes with the election…polls open on friday-then it’s game on til early january!!phil-my thoughts exactly. πŸ™‚ though i was afraid for a minute that steph would somehow be able to manipulate the vote…

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