joining the white headphones brigade

yep, you heard that right. even though i had doubts about joining the “white headphones brigade” of iPod users, i think i will be getting a nano for Hanukkah. i wanted something that could hold more music, and was easier to make playlists with and just easier to search for certain songs/artists on the device…my music is important to me 🙂 and a couple of my teammates gave the nano glowing reviews.

ahh…holiday season. still got a coupla weekends to do my shopping…as this year Hanukkah is late-same day as Christmas, in fact!! But in terms of festivities, it all starts this week, kicking off with my work holiday party this Thursday. Last year the Flyers holiday party was the same night…so in my attempt to multitask, this was what wound up happening:

5-6 pm: pre-game at a nearby bar with a co-worker before work party. have an apple martini.
6-7 pm: office party-mingle a bit, grab a few hors d’oeuvres and another apple martini
7-7:30 pm: chatting with one of my co-workers at the restaurant bar. have one more appletini “for the road.”
7:30-head uptown to the Flyers party
approx 7:45-??? all a blur, but i vaguely remember having some wine (not smart!), trying to “work the room” in an attempt to drum up votes, heading out to a nearby bar for an after-party, crashing BIG TIME, eventually cabbing it home. woke up at 11 the next morning.

yeah, hindsight said i had a little too much to drink, but it was also a week full of late nights and early morning runs so i knew i was gonna crash and burn sometime that week, was just a matter of when.

so yes, one year older and hopefully one year wiser, will try not to repeat the same mistakes of the past 🙂

now playing : “believe” ~ from the “run lola run” soundtrack

3 thoughts on “joining the white headphones brigade

  1. Yay for ipods:) I love mine…and the way to get rid of the “white headphones brigade” is to not wear them;) I actually find the ones that come with the ipod incredibly uncomfortable. And hooray for the month of holiday festivities and parties! I’ve got 3 next week…so far….

  2. i’m still undecided on the running with music thing. wonder if i should try it…truth be told, sounds like you did things right during last year’s holiday party. just stick with the tini’s this year, and i bet you’ll be up by at least 10. thanks for your encouraging comments, ps.

  3. uptown girl-I think I’ll gonna use my handy blue clip-on headphones. that solves that problem 😀 I’m looking forward to getting it…I already use iTunes to organize my music and it’s so easy to make playlists with…the software that came with my Rio Cali was easy to use, but not so user-friendly when making playlists.and i have 3 events too next week…so far :)partyrunner-i think you’re right, all i really should have done last year was pass on the afterparty. i’m pacing myself this year. i mean it this time :-Dnow i’m off to read your race report…

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