i do not visit illegal websites

ok, all these virus emails i am getting sent to my work account are getting pretty annoying. (and apparently i’m not the only one at the office getting them.) though i just keep hitting delete, delete, delete…they seem to multiply like crazy.

on a brighter note, my mission yesterday was accomplished-i rearranged my clothes and finished off the last thing i needed to for my 2005 work goals. yay!!


3 thoughts on “i do not visit illegal websites

  1. EVEN SANTA GOT THAT TERRIBLE VIRUS IN HIS LETTER TO NORTH POLE EMAILSHO-HO-HO !oh well. sorry i’m sorta indifferent to that…i celebrate that other holiday…you know which one.btw, your caps lock is down.-L

  2. Regarding that email, two words: bayesian filtering. I was at the 4 miler. Those races are fun — I like shorter races, especially if they’re not team pointers (so I can at least see the lead car)

  3. ha-wonder if our IT department thought of that. guess i’ll be playing with the Outlook filters a little…haha…i liked non-team pointers because i had a better chance of scoring for the team-though i was one second on the clock away from scoring at last year’s kleinerman 10k. speaking of, good luck sunday…looks to be a good race.

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