motivation to demotivation

i’ve been lax in updating, i know. haven’t had too much to say the last coupla days, i guess.

well thank god, this week at work did not turn out as bad as i thought it would. said meeting i was dreading got postponed, which i think we were all a little relieved about. we had a briefing about health insurance benefits for next year, and everyone’s happy that what previous parent company taketh away, current parent company giveth back to us. 🙂 an annoying client came out of hiding, but i dealt with it. in the meantime, everyone’s excited about the holiday party this coming thursday.

went out yesterday morning to watch the Holiday 4-Mile race. i had originally intended to take pictures near the finish, but then i saw one of my camera batteries had gone MIA. (seriously, these days I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached.) anyway, it was a great race to watch-especially since one of my female teammates friggin WON the race (well, the female race.) wow. i can’t even comprehend. the closest i’ve ever gotten was 4th out of approx. 85 females…but to be first, out of over 2000 women!! and she ran an amazing sub-6 pace for 4 miles as well. simply amazing. i’m really proud of how well our women’s team has done this year.

so, inspired, i set out on my 6-mile loop yesterday…which was just dreadful. i don’t know if it was the change in the weather or something else, but i had issues breathing, my legs felt crappy, i kept having to stop every half-mile-and i was only running at a 9:30 pace!! (and to top it off, i looked at my running log from last year and one year ago, i ran the same loop at an 8:10 pace…) this wasn’t the boost of confidence i needed going into next week’s 10k. whenever the mercury drops below 40…it just does nothing for me.

my mission for today, should i choose to accept it…to finally do the switcharoo of my winter/summer clothes (only been putting this off for over a month) and to do a writeup of my client internship from 2 months ago. no better than a rainy day to get this done…especially since the next coupla weeks/weekends are looking to be quite hectic between work stuff, Flyers stuff, election stuff, holiday stuff, (other people’s) birthday stuff…la la la.

oh, and Survivor update-how cool was it that Danni won immunity? especially since she screwed over “queen” Steph in the process, haha. and the “colorful exit”…all i have to say is next Sunday is the finale and i’d love to see Danni crush Steph in the final 2. though if that happens i’m sure there will be another “america’s tribal council” so Steph finally gets her million dollars. *rolls eyes*

one final note-hope those who are currently running the Vegas marathon are having a good race…that includes a coupla of my teammates and PartyRunner!

now playing : “harder to breathe” ~ maroon 5


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