to run or not to run…

nope, not the type of running where you put one foot in front of the other :)…a different kind.

the email reads “you have been nominated for…”

yep, i think you know what kind of running i mean.

so yes, for the 2nd year in a row i was nommed for flyers e-board…not that it came as any surprise, between word of mouth and intuition…

so the burning question…do i go for it or not. i ran for office last year…was pretty much a dark horse candidate at best since i was pretty new. not surprisingly, i didn’t win but i got the consolation prize of being social chair this year 🙂 and let me tell you, that position is fun but not for the weak-hearted, i think planning events in NYC can be one of the toughest jobs ever.

so part of me just wants to kick back next year, and just be captain. being social chair did burn me out a little bit. but the other part of me feels there is some unfinished business…that being better known and having the experience of being social chair under my belt would help my chances…and if i can handle social, i can handle anything.

well i have a few more days to make my final decision…


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