baby i’m back

well i never really “went away.” :-p but was visiting the parentals in NJ the last few days and decided to give the blog a rest during that time. now back in the city…but not feeling ready just yet to tackle another week…wouldn’t mind another day or 2 off…

well first off, the trip out to NJ on Thursday was unreal. Penn Station was a major zoo, shocker of shockers. Not sure if it would have been any better on Wednesday…but that was the chance I decided to take. At least I got my ticket on Wednesday…the lines for the ticket machines were mad long. And even though I decided to a train that left Penn a few minutes earlier than planned, overcrowding delayed the train leaving, meaning I barely made my connecting train…but that one was delayed for a few minutes as well!! ugh. well i finally made it home.

and it was a (sorta) full house with my parentals and brother and some relatives…but the much-anticipated “guest of honor” wasn’t there. ok that one needs a little explaining…i’m sure this story is old news by now…but what isn’t old news was that said text-messaging troublemaker is my cousin. crazy stuff, huh? anyway, i think we were all ready to give him a hard time but he spent the day with his girlfriend instead.

but that aside…food was great…there was so much, between the appetizers, main course, and dessert…my mom is definitely a great cook (one trait that sadly, i don’t seem to have inherited!! or if i have i haven’t had much chance to use it…when you’re cooking for 1, not much motivation to go all out!) pretty much the rest of the weekend was relaxing and shopping (gotta take advantage of the NJ tax break!! And while at it, managed to score a coupla pairs of Asics GT-2100s on sale…yay. that oughta hold me over til I need to break down and try the upgrades-the 2110s.)

And just got back today and the first thing I did was hit the park for 6 miles…and yay for shorts weather, as fleeting as it might be. i’m gonna have my work cut out for me this month…as per usual, i will be surrounded by lots of food and other goodies and i have dresses and other clothes i still need to fit into when all is said and done… (i know that sounds incredibly vain, but sadly it’s the truth.)

so yeah, i guess i did “live to tell the tale.” cuz, thankfully no one asked me if i was seeing anyone, when i was getting married, and all that jazz…though it did come close when my mom asked if she thought if my cousin and his girlfriend would get engaged. and of course i am the poster girl for “just because 2 people are together for 2+ years does not equal=engagement ring.” so i just kinda shrugged it off.

time to try and face another week…and i don’t wanna…i feel something is gonna go down this week at work. something not good…

to close, 2 media-related notes…

  • did anyone see the “Rent” movie? i saw the play a few years back and loved it, but before i spend $10 to see the movie, does it live up to the hype?
  • to any “Survivor” watchers-without spoiling Thursday’s episode I just want to say that I want anyone to win…except Stephenie.

now playing: “i will go with you (con te partiro)” ~ donna summer


3 thoughts on “baby i’m back

  1. Saw “Rent” on Friday. Well worth the price of admission. It is very faithful to the stage play and even improves upon it in some regards.Survivor-wise, I used to be a fan of Steph but her inner bitch really came out on Thursday.Hope that work this week isn’t as bad as you’re dreading.

  2. No, Penn Station was no better on Wednesday. I took NJ Transit on Wednesday and it was so crowded…at least they didn’t take my ticket though!And yeah…I wear the same Asics now. I have 2 or 3 pairs now…I hate when they “upgrade” though. I used to be a New Balance 765 girl until they “upgraded” and I didn’t like the new version!Good luck with the week from…yeah.

  3. Phil-thanks for the “Rent” review. that just may be my XMas day movie this year…and I think Steph’s inner bitch came out earlier that Thursday (gotta love those editors.) You have to admit that Gary’s “autograph” comment and BJ/Jamie’s reaction was priceless.Uptown Girl-they didn’t take my ticket either…yay. looks like i got a free ride next time i go home. :-)and thanks to you both…I don’t necessarily think this will be the week from hell but…I dunno, just an intuition that *something* will be going down (probably due to a meeting I have tomorrow that no one is looking forward to…)

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