playing with numbers

So the official results for Sunday’s race were in line with my watch and I did wind up with a 31:56. I looked back through my other 4-milers…and wouldn’t you know it, earlier this year at the Niketown Run for the Parks I ran 31:57 on the exact same course. But even more interesting…look at a mile-by-mile comparison between the 2 races:

Mile Niketown ’05 Race to Deliver ’05
1 7:56 7:57
2 7:48 7:45
3 8:28 8:25
4 7:45 7:49

Pretty damn close, huh? But the encouraging thing was that Niketown was run on 30-mile weeks, the day after a 10-mile run, and I was really fighting bad calf cramps during the race. The Race to Deliver was run on half the mileage (and my “long” run only being 6 miles, as opposed to 10-12)…meaning if I can get back to 30-mile weeks and stay healthy while doing so, I have a good shot at reclaiming my previous times.

But as mile 3 shows in both, I really struggle hard on those West Side Hills. Except for one time, that mile is usually over 8 minutes. (I do better on the 4-mile course that starts at 102nd and that Cat Hill is mile 3…even ran a negative split on that course once.) I think hill repeats-especially Cat Hill and the West Side Hills-benefitted me more than intervals…eventually it may be time to revisit that. Time will tell.

3 thoughts on “playing with numbers

  1. Always exciting to see improvement. Judging from what you’ve been saying, you’re building back to where you were and then some. Congrats….I’ve got my eyes on that 10K in a few weeks. Happy Turkey Day!

  2. thanks for the props on the race :)despite what my teammate said, i think this race was definitely a step in the right direction.there’s definitely gonna be a big showing at the Joe K 10K…last club points race of the year plus a lot of people trying to get in their 9 races and waiting til december to do so. but then i looked at the calendar and at least 3 friends have b-days that weekend…so i’m sure i’m gonna get my arm twisted into going out the nite before or something…happy turkey day back atcha! and good luck in your turkey trot tomorrow-hope the weather holds up!

  3. coolio. i pride myself on consistency. harder to get more consistent than those times!

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