twist my arm

yep, there’s been a lot of that happening the last coupla days.

after not feeling in a social mood yesterday, i was convinced to go out last nite and i wound up being glad i did. was a pretty good time. even ran into someone i knew in high school! i actually love when that happens these days…as i look nothing like i did back then 🙂

wasn’t hung over this morning, but was still more tired than i would have liked to have been-as i had to get up earlier than i wanted since i was volunteering with the Flyers-we were raking leaves in Central Park. was a lot of fun-especially since it wasn’t rainy like it was last year.

then tonite…i’m not really in the mood to go out and drink since it’s the night before the race, but one of my other friends emailed me about b-day drinks for another friends…and since it’s within stumbling distance of me, i guess i have no excuse to not stop by for one on the early side. i guess i can keep reminding myself, i did have a glass of white wine the night before my 5-mile PR…

well while I’m racing my 4 miles tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of those running the Philly marathon-good luck to you all! looks like you’re gonna have a great day tomorrow. 🙂

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