so cold

brrr…i can’t take this overnight change in seasons. especially since work seems to have gone the same direction as the temperatures-downhill. (and it’s not even winter yet!) i’m cranky because my vcr malfunctioned again last nite and didn’t tape survivor (time to upgrade to TiVo, methinks?) my friend wants me to go to some party with her tonite, but i don’t wanna. i’m actually not in a social mood today. i just feel like doing the winter thing and hibernating.

2 things to look forward to i guess…sunday’s race. and a date next week with the lawyer. yep, jewish, good-looking, good job, asks me “can i buy you a drink?” (that never happens, usually i just get asked “wanna grab a drink” or something along those lines.) sounds too perfect, too good to be true. which means most likely it will be (too good to be true, that is.)

oh-at last nite’s happy hour i discovered that some other teammates have discovered my blog…so if you’re reading, hi! 🙂

6 thoughts on “so cold

  1. Jaime got voted out.

  2. Goodluck on Sunday. Looks to be beautiful weather….hopefully not too cold in the AM.I feel the same about the weather…winter makes me want to hibernate:( Is it bad to dread winter when it’s not even here yet???

  3. is dating someone who’s jewish that important to you?

  4. Phil-yep I knew that, I read the spoilers plus watched the early show. but even though i knew the outcome, i wouldn’t have minded watching more material for Steph-bashing 🙂 it’s funny, after claiming that reality TV has jumped the shark, this season isn’t turning out half-bad. Go Gary or Danni…Uptown Girl-i think the A/C was on in my office yesterday too-I just could not warm up at all!! thanks for the good luck wishes :)Derek-tough question with not entirely a clear-cut answer. i have dated both jewish and non-jewish (my first serious boyfriend not being jewish)…and i can’t say there is a clear-cut advantage to one over the other…yeah, it is easier to date someone who understands your customs and culture but if someone non-jewish is willing to work with it too (and not do something like, take me out for pasta during Passover like said boyfriend did!) it could work. but i do think the parentals would prefer jewish…which is pretty common across the board…However…jewish or not jewish, a guy has to be good to me. doesn’t mean buying me things or anything at all, just treating me right. and with respect. don’t think that’s too much to ask…

  5. Jaime was an ass. Gary and Danni are awesome cause they’ve got the underdog thing going for them. Judd is a boor but a hilarious one. Rafe is too sweet a guy to be on that show. Lydia is over her head. Steph is h-o-t. And who is Cindi?I actually got to be in the audience when they filmed the finale of Marquesas. That was awesome!

  6. Pasta on Passover … yeah, I’d probably do something like that…

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