deja vu

so, 4 miles this morning with the 6 am crew (plus another mile just to get to/from the east side) i didn’t time myself (i try not to if i’m chitchatting) but i felt OK during this one. but i just really felt for one of my friends who was clearly having a tough time this morning-she ran NYCM (and PR’ed!) and is having a slow time recovering and getting her speed back. i could see it in her eyes…the frustration, the struggling, even her words…and i saw myself after the Vegas half when i was in the same exact position. when i was the one frustrated from not being able to keep up and feeling “out of shape.” so now it was my turn to be the supportive friend and say “don’t get down on yourself, give yourself the time to recover, everyone’s different.” she’ll be OK. i’m sure of it.

quiet day here at work. here’s hoping it goes quick. happy hour with the Flyers tonite and boy oh boy, I am looking forward to some appletinis (gotta love them being a happy hour special.)

oh and for a humorous touch-i just came across this link…you gotta check it out…hilarious. you can even try it with your own blog!! (that is, if this one isn’t already old news)
Ghetto-fabulous flygirl


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