no looking back

it’s funny that yesterday i was thinking about the old job. not that i do that much, but ever so often there is a reminder here and there. anyway, while on my shopping excursion last nite i’m walking down 18th street and notice that the bar/restaurant that was one of our regular happy hour haunts is now gone and replaced with another restaurant. that was where we went after our first happy hour place across the street from the office closed down…and now the ex-employees even had little “reunion” happy hours there. food wasn’t too great, but the bar munchies were decent and the margaritas that they served during the friday happy hours…oh boy, i don’t know what they put in them, but there was many a happy hour where we all were quite happy.

i guess i felt a little sadness seeing that. for better or for worse, the job was a good part of my life for 4 years and to see the “old school” haunts going away, one by one…well what can you do. moving on!!

now playing: cd-“confessions on a dancefloor” ~ madonna
current track: “how high”


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