you "get" me. you really "get" me.

Well to start off, thank you to everyone who either read or commented on a certain post where I completely poured my heart out. Obviously…this was stuff that had been weighing on my mind for a very long time. It’s tough to talk about this…especially with non-runners…and I know that yes, things could be a lot worse…I’m alive and healthy…I shouldn’t complain…but…

Rewind…5 years ago.

Me and one of my coworker friends (who I’ll call DK)…we’re having lunch or dinner or drinks or something. And some conversation about the crossroads that each of us were going through in our respective love lives. He was going through a messy divorce. I was really struggling with the idea of calling it quits with a long-term boyfriend…one that everyone loved and expected me to marry…though I didn’t. Anyway, both DK and I stood to lose quite a bit with our decisions…though me significantly less-so I felt bad complaining about it. But DK told me not to feel bad…and mentioned a line from “Ally McBeal” that sorta related to the situation at hand:

“Ally, what makes your problems so much bigger than everybody else’s?”
“They’re my problems.”

Therefore…getting back to the present…I knew if I couldn’t “talk” about it, I could write about it and this was obviously the perfect forum for it.
Ya know, I tried keeping a blog/journal last year…had a LiveJournal for a little over a month…but kept it pretty much private and lost the motivation to keep it up. So I decided to try again now…and took a big “leap of faith” in making this public and haven’t regretted it for a minute.

And to address a coupla other comments on that post…

jbl-actually, I was looking to run sub-1:45 in Queens next year…but I’m hearing rumors that once again, they are gonna ax the halfs. doh!

uptown girl-i agree with what you said about runners being down-to-earth. actually…a guy that i had a jdate with a coupla years back who was a runner said “runners are the nicest people you will meet.” though there wasnt a second date, he was right about that 🙂

Anyway…I’m looking for the workday to be over, there is a CD at either Virgin MegaStore or J&R Music World with my name on it 🙂

4 thoughts on “you "get" me. you really "get" me.

  1. There are rumors that they are going to ax the halfs? Oh no! I was entertaining the idea of running the Brooklyn Half. (Not that I’m anywhere near in shape to run 13 miles but still!)

  2. yeah…long story short, last year they had initially swapped the halfs for a “marathon build-up series” but tons of complaints led NYRR to bring the halfs back. i’m hearing rumors of the same for ’06 but for now thats all they are…rumors…

  3. They best be rumors! I’ve got Brooklyn circled for next year…grrr.

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