tossing and turning. the green numbers on my digital cable box said what i didn’t want to see them say…3:00. AM, that is. i always have trouble sleeping on sunday nite, but this was ridiculous…man, don’t tell me that cafe down the street gave me a regular latte instead of a decaf one? well i guess i ain’t getting up early to work out…

that actually worked out well though. i figured i’d take advantage of yet another april-in-november day and run after work…especially since the next 2 days were predicted to be rainy. anyway, 5 miles up and down the west side highway…2.5 miles downtown, 2.5 back uptown. beautiful, beautiful night. nice change of scenery from the park for a run. ran by the 79th St Boat Basin and reminisced about the Flyers’ summer happy hours. Felt pretty good. Though…and I’ve noticed this before…my leg muscles really seem to tire out a little quicker on flats than on rolling hills (this could possibly be in line with why I did better in the Queens half than the Brooklyn half. And in Brooklyn, I felt stronger in the park than I did on the boardwalk or Ocean Parkway.)

And for all you reality TV followers…did you see this one coming 26.2 miles away? I sure did. And I didn’t even watch a single episode πŸ™‚

now playing “don’t give up” ~ chicane

2 thoughts on “insomnia

  1. You went running at 3am? Don’t tell any of your non-running friends or family, or they’ll have you put up in an institution. (Us runners, on the other hand, don’t think that’s strange, do we?)

  2. LOL!!I may be a crazy runner, but I ain’t that crazy πŸ™‚ i ran after work…where quitting time is at a little more reasonable hour πŸ˜‰

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