that’s better

referring to my run today. did the full 6-mile loop in Central Park for the first time since the injury…meaning first time with Harlem Hill-which wasn’t as bad as I remembered!! today was a picture-perfect low 60-degree day. i ran into one of my Flyer teammates during the run and we ran together for a little bit and chatted. and my pace was quicker than it was when i ran on friday (that was the middle 4 loop + 1 mile on the bridle path-i only timed the middle 4.) so i’m not sure if it’s the weather or time of day that made the difference…hmmm.

this weekend was pretty fun. friday nite i got my share of culture-the Flyers had an event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of our masters runners is a curator there, so she gave probably at least 50 of us a tour of her wing of the museum. Was pretty nice-was cool to see some of the period rooms (anywhere from last 17th century to early 20th)…some of them even reminded me of some pre-war apartments here in Manhattan. Reminded me of my old apartment…was a 2-bedroom pre-war apartment, but you could totally tell that the bigger bedroom was used as a dining room or something. Anyway…afterwards me and a few teammates decided to grab a bite and drink afterwards…which led to mini-bar-hopping on the Upper East Side. Was fun to hang with a couple of “regular” Flyers, a newbie, and a long-time one who hasn’t been to a lot of the events lately…so catching up with the “old” and getting to know the “new.”

Then last nite, me and one of my work “partners in crime” went out to a new bar in the Flatiron district…was actually a very nice place, but way too damn crowded. I forsee it being a good place for happy hour…or even a date place…was very velvety in there (the walls and the seats,) had a fireplace going. Only complaint was that the drinks were not worth the price tag. Still, was a good time.

in the meantime, i’ve figured out what my next “races” will be for the rest of ’05. Next Sunday will be the Race to Deliver 4-miler-fun (albeit crowded) race for a great cause. Then 3 weeks later will be the Joe Kleinerman 10K – a points race, so want to support the team there. Then that is it for ’05. I’m just gonna do what I did 2 weeks ago…run how I feel, run my own race. works for me.

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5 thoughts on “that’s better

  1. my life always seems so boring when i read your blog…i was hoping to run the “race to deliver” next week, but looks like i may not be ready. hopefully, i’ll be there for the joe kleinerman. maybe i’ll see you there!

  2. New York sounds like a great place to live. Great HM time, I will try and run under 1:40 early next year! fingers crossed.

  3. hey danny…i have my share of downtime too…i just don’t always blog about it :-p believe me, i am just as happy at times chilling at home, blogging and watching reality tv as i am doing right now 🙂 i definitely do not lead a carrie bradshaw lifestyle (not that i’d want to…)anyway-smart move to pass on the race this weekend. hope you do make it out for the kleinerman-great race (and little tidbit-they have Krispy Kremes at the end of the race)travis-yeah…NYC is a fabulous place to live. i definitely consider myself lucky!! thanks for stopping by and best of luck to you with your training!!

  4. I ran the Joe Kleinerman last year I think. I remember the donuts after a race one time last year (on the 102nd transverse) but I didn’t realize it was a set thing.BTW, after shopping at the “Marathon Store” last Monday, I planned to stop by Krispy Kremes for a reward on the way to the 2 train on 72nd & Broadway. Major disappointment!! When did Krispy Kremes close? Why didn’t anybody tell me??

  5. yep-apparently it’s a tradition in honour of Joe Kleinerman, who loved donuts after races (or so my friend told me)can’t say i noticed the KK on 72nd closing…i think the only times (besides after the Joe K 10K) i ever have them are if i’m killing time at Penn Station waiting for a train and need a sugar rush.

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