gellin’ like a felon

got gel?  me working at mile 18 of the nyc marathontoday was a very sticky day. and for once not talking about the weather 🙂

so today I worked the PowerGel zone at mile 18 with a bunch of other Flyers for the 2nd year in a row. and again, was a good time. got there around 10:30 and was assigned to the vanilla station-but I refused to wear the PowerGel t-shirt. first, I told people to look for me in the flyer singlet. second, from what I remembered last year, the colored t-shirts didn’t help anyone in aiding them to take the right flavors. as the picture shows, i compromised though. 🙂 so the music is playing, i’m dancing around a little while waiting for runners to arrive.

around 11:15 the female elites run by-large pack, looked like it was anyone’s race there. ditto for the male elites when they passed by…and then came the masses. i cheered for the flyers. i cheered for the other local teams. i cheered for all the runners. i looked for any other blogmates (saw Derek, did not see Danny) Was totally mobbed by runners taking gel-since vanilla was the first station, everyone seemed to grab that one first. Tried as hard as I could to limit runners to one gel (since they ran out last year)…not everyone did-but i guess after running 18 miles, you’re beyond reason. we finally ran out of vanilla so i moved on to other flavors. only to have chocolate gel get squirted over me and another teammate (good thing I was wearing my crap shoes!) finally around 2:30 i left…was pretty tired being on my feet for so long-and I wasn’t even running!

now it’s time to tip a few back with the flyers in a little bit-yay!!

congrats to everyone who finished-especially during the tough conditions (preliminary reports show a lot of people were off-pace) you all totally rock. and i hope to be out there next year with you 🙂


2 thoughts on “gellin’ like a felon

  1. HiI was wondering if you knew how I might be able to track down a runner. He passed out at mile 22 and we pulled him off the course and called the EMTs. I wrote down his bib number and checked it against the website, then googled the name I found. But things don’t jibe, because the website says the number was cancelled and all of the emails come back failed.'s the link back to the story. Any ideas?

  2. Nice blog. Advice from another workaholic and busyaholic: Keep running!

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