what could’ve been

'05 nyc marathon bibYes, I coulda shoulda woulda been wearing that bib on Sunday morning. But I’m not. And strangely I’m much less upset about it than I thought I would be-I thought I was gonna be a crying wreck this week. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m not upset at all. Guess there is something to the whole “misery loves company” thing. I’ve had a lot of support this week.

First off was a going-away party for my teammate Wednesday nite at Phebe’s on the lower east side. And of course, I saw the same teammates again Thursday nite at the Flyers pasta dinner at Tony’s DiNapoli in midtown. Boy that was a hectic evening-I was on my feet so much that evening checking people in, mingling, overseeing things…good thing I wasn’t running on Sunday. Big event to pull off, but pull it off we did, the food was fabulous, everyone was having a great time, was a lot of fun.

Then I visited the expo today…I paid the money, I might as well get my shirt and goodie bag. And I got Deena Kastor’s autograph too. 😀 And wouldn’t you know it…I run into another fellow NYC blogger (who is incidentally now my teammate!! welcome to the dark side…haha.) Browsed around the expo a little more…sat in and watched a panel of “experts” (which included a client of mine-small world!!) Tonite was dinner at Nick’s on the UES with my old “6 am” crew (since I haven’t really run with them in awhile…) The food was great, it was good to see everyone…but I really feel a lot’s changed in the past year…we’re not the group we were last year. Hard to explain. Tomorrow is pasta for the third night in a row with another friend, then volunteering Sunday at the PowerGel Zone at mile 18!! (I’ll be the one in the flyer singlet and running skirt)

So getting back to the bib…the significance? Well, I’m gonna keep it, and it will remind me next year to stick to my goals…don’t over-race, don’t overtrain, keep my eyes on the big prize. Sound like a plan?

This will probably be my last post before Sunday, so…best of luck to all NYC marathoners…whether you blog or not. You’re all winners in my books, and I’ll be cheering ya on. 🙂

now playing: “gold digger” ~ kanye west


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