fired up

This is what I arrived to this morning.

Right across the street from my office building. I could see the smoke over on 8th Avenue. Our HR manager and CEO made the executive decision to close the office and have everyone evacuate. I hope everyone is alright.

We have not had much luck in this office location. In the last 2 years, we have had to evacuate 2-3 times for fire-related reasons, and another time due to a blackout in the building. (I’m not counting the blackout of ’03 in this total.) Time to move back to Flatiron, methinks?

On the running front…

Nice evening last nite, got in 2 lower loops-pretty much the safest part of the park after dark since there are usually a lot of people around. They’re already starting to set up the marathon finish line and all that jazz. And being a Tuesday nite was packed-with all the groups out in full force last nite (and blocking the rec lane…grrrrr. I almost got hit by bikes several times due to having to run on the main park drive-and i was wearing light-colored clothing!! ok rant over.)

tonite’s a going-away party for another teammate of mine…damn, they’re all dropping like flies.

Now the forecast for Sunday says a high of 71. i think it was a blessing in disguise that I deferred.


3 thoughts on “fired up

  1. I always wondered about running after dark in Central Park. Until what time is it crowded on the lower loop? (And do you take the 102nd street transverse? That little stretch always seems empty!)

  2. On The Reservoir Dogs we have group runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. You should come out with us if you want to run at night. Check out our website at http://www.thereservoirdogs.comI've seen people out and running, enough so that you could at least call for help until 8-9pm. After that you’ll see a runner or two every now and then. Also, on the 102nd Transverse, there aren’t many people but there’s a police booth towards the West side that seems to always be manned.I’ve been out running after 10pm b myself and have never run into problems. You just have to be ready to feel very lonely in a very dark place. And mace helps too.

  3. Well the other nite I ran between 7 and 8 pm…and it was the lower 1.7 mile loop (72nd transverse and south.) I personally don’t like going across 102nd street-or the Harlem Hills-by myself after dark. Tuesday nites are usually packed because that is usually a popular nite for group speedwork.And since we’re all plugging our running clubs here :-p…the Flyers have group runs those same nites too-the link is all over this blog 😀

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