obviously today at work the main topic of conversation was the party friday nite. i heard bits and pieces about what went on that nite that my intoxicated brain could not remember. apparently i wasn’t the only one who got sick-one other person who did. everyone was absolutely hammered. the jello shots were killer strong-50/50 water/vodka (apparently the “correct” combo is 75/25 water/vodka) the drinks were killer strong. i don’t think anyone wants a repeat of this one-totally out of control-but something to talk about for a long time to come i guess…

so i’m getting a little concerned for the NYC marathoners…the current forecast calls for the high to be in the high 60s…perfect for spectating, not as much for running. part of me says thank god I deferred this year, but for god’s sake, can’t the weather gods cut NYC a break this year? especially after this summer??

speaking of, I’m going to so many pasta dinners this week and I ain’t even running the damn thing. the flyers one on thursday, and with some friends on friday and saturday. good thing I like pasta.

and speaking of marathoners, congrats to the marine corps marathoners. Uptown Girl did a kick-ass job…I’ll let her tell the story…one of my other teammates ran a 3:49…awesome.

now playing: “put em high” ~ stonebridge


5 thoughts on “intoxication

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Hopefully the weather stays clear…I’m hearing the evil words of “showers”…I’ll try and pass my weather from last weekend to this weekend:) I don’t mind wearing a coat…as my job is spectator in Harlem:)And yeah those jello shots…sounds lethal:p I know I’d be in trouble…

  2. Early reports say that the only showers on Sunday will be during mile 1 of the green start :-pmy vantage point will be mile 18…throwing PowerGel at runners (no not really) boy will my arms be tired at the end of the day 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site. TRD will be out cheering the marathon too, can’t wait!

  4. so ya, my friends v and jen hurled fri night…my other friend started yelling at me for no reason then spent two days apologizing. i swear, girl, this halloween weekend was all about the overdoing. terrible!

  5. thank god halloween only comes once a year. i mean, even my office’s heavy drinkers were flat on their backs.the one thing i did right was my costume though-i was actually happy with how that turned out 🙂

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