i have no idea

No really, I do. haha. Some of you in the NYC area may know of No Idea…a bar in the Union Square area known for its “name night”-where if your name is the name of the day, you drink for free…and wouldn’t you know it, check out who’s name it is today…

Tempting, but I actually think I’m gonna pass on this one…next time!! (long nite ahead of me, and I don’t think it will be in my best interest to start so early.)

Last nite was a chill, good time. We were at St. Nick’s Pub-a jazz bar up in Harlem that our guest of honour liked. I think our crowd all but took over the bar…we had a nice-sized group out. Good drink, good music, good company, good conversation. Sometimes you can’t ask for anything more, right? Anyway, it was fun seeing the Flyer “regulars” and catching up with others I haven’t seen in awhile. And it was nice-though a lot of them are caught up in marathon mania, they were very supportive in my running “comeback” of sorts. It means so much to me to have great, supportive teammates…that’s why I love being so involved with the club, and “giving back.” My humorous “going-away present” for our teammate who’s leaving was a bunch of raffle tix…some crumpled-up, some not. The joke behind that? At a Flyer event earlier this year when we had a raffle, he sneakily crumpled up his tix so I’d be more likely to pick them :-p…and I was like “no, not having that, you’re getting fresh tickets instead.” And he wound up being the big winner of the night 😀 (ok, i guess you had to be there.) But a great guy, a great runner, even though the relocation isn’t permanent, he will be missed.

So besides the pre-marathon hoopla in the NYC area this weekend…outside the city, the big marathon this weekend is Marine Corps…good luck to my Flyer teammates who are running it, to Uptown Girl and to anyone else (running MCM or any other marathon/race this weekend!)

now playing: “love on my mind” ~ freemasons

3 thoughts on “i have no idea

  1. sorry, no spammity spam allowed on this blog!!-L

  2. how could you have passed up free drinks! wonder if they’ll ever do my name… i too send my warm wishes as you begin your comeback (why did rocky song just pop into my head)!

  3. i knew it was gonna be a late nite…and i had to pace myself.of course, i don’t always take my own advice…

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