"you got mail"

Those words. They just seem to tease at times, don’t they?

So I’m browsing JDate last nite…seeing if there is anything interesting amidst the usual mishmash of profiles. One really, really caught my eye-someone that really seemed ideal for me. So much that I sent a “flirt” (which I usually never do…usually if a profile seems interesting, I just “hotlist” him) but as in the past, didn’t expect to hear anything in return. So this morning, I see an email notification that he did email me through the site-but as a non-paying member, I can’t read it. Yeah, the JDate police decided to give poor singles the smackdown 2 years ago and charge just to read messages. So I have over 100 messages from the last 2 years that have never been read. And I’m wondering if it may be worth it to pay for one month and contact my little heart out-to him and others- and see what happens…I didn’t have much luck last time I did, then again that was 3 1/2 years ago…a lot has changed since then. I think online dating is a crapshoot…like anything else.

Did 4 miles on the rez this morning-man it was chilly. Had to break out the tights (capri tights, but still) for the first time since May. I think I will be fine Sunday, I’m not expecting any great time or whatever…heck, I might even bring the mp3 player, even though it’s a short race. It’s gonna be so damn crowded I think I’m gonna need my music to distract (but not too loud, of course.)

Excited for tonite and tomorrow…tonite is a farewell bar night for one of our teammates-great guy, we’re sorry to see him go-only been with the Flyers for 6 months but has done so much. And EB is already taking bets on who I will smooch…or vice versa…at tomorrow’s party (not that I’m overly proud of that!) Oh boy… (no pun intended!)

DISCLAIMER: In case some parts of this post has been misinterpreted…please read what I have written in the comments-thanks!!

now playing: “gotta get through this” ~ daniel bedingfield


8 thoughts on “"you got mail"

  1. I see…JDate is for teasing, parties are for hooking up.Sounds like fun.

  2. what I meant by “teasing” is those little mail notifications saying “you got mail” when I can’t even read the messages!!and the “hooking up” thing is my co-worker being a troublemaker.jeez, I didn’t exactly come off well in this post did I?

  3. Running hurts! It’s main purpose is to leave you sweaty and move your bowels. And yet I have come back to it because I need something else for a while.Nice blog. Found you through Derek Rose.

  4. LOL…I knew what you meant:p Good ole’ jdate…haha….and yes it truly is a crapshoot, no other way to describe it. Have fun “socializing” tonight..;0)Good luck on Sunday with the race…be careful and enjoy being back on the scene:)

  5. hi chris…thanks for stopping by.uptown girl-thanks, i was hoping someone would “get it.” (in terms of the first comment, it’s sometimes hard to tell a person’s online tone when emoticons aren’t used…which is why i use them so much 🙂 ) good luck sunday…i’ll be thinking of the MCM’ers while toeing the line of the 5-miler 🙂

  6. hmmm…maybe i should have used some emoticons. i was totally kidding!!;-)see! kidding…:-)

  7. I say do it. Pay for the month. You never know.I’ve never had luck with online dating, but I know plenty of people who have. Sometimes it just takes a while.I found you through “UpTown Girl.” Good luck in the AM.

  8. Danny-thanks, it’s all good :-)El Profe-I think I’ve already made the executive decision to go that route…and it just might pay off.and thanks for the good luck wishes-today was a good day (race report to follow sometime today…)

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