business as usual?

well finally, my pal in Miami partially has his power back after having been without for 2 days due to the hurricane. some things still not working, but it seems for the most part he is back in business. i’m just glad he and his wife are OK. but we had a status meeting earlier this morning to go over everyone’s jobs, and our boss was like “well, this still has to get done, that has to get done”…like he was able to do anything about it. You know-I know you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done, but I think at times like this, life takes priority. It was the same thing after 9/11-i lost respect for quite a few clients-and a few co-workers as well-they expected everything to be business as usual as soon as 2 days after-when in reality, it was a changed world.

On a more upbeat note, I think I have my outfit for Friday’s Halloween party all picked out…i went to Forever 21 today and got pretty much what completed the outfit…it’s a little daring, I’ll need some balls (and double-sided tape) to pull it off, but I think I can do it…and from glancing who replied to the evite, this will be one interesting nite…

now playing: “runaway lover” ~ madonna


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