green light!!

Well I got some good news tonite at the doctor’s office. While still not 100% yet, the foot is definitely doing better, so I have the go-ahead to run the Marathon Kickoff 5-miler on Sunday-as long as I promise not to get all competitive-esque and race it. (No problem. My 5-mile PR is 37:51 on the same course-considering that sub-9’s feel like work these days, I don’t think my PR is in any danger of falling.) And I can actually run 3 days next week…yay. But Sunday should be fun, I’ll get to meet up with the Flyers afterwards for brunch (mmm…Bellinis!) after they run the last 10 miles of the marathon course.

But while the PF looks to be going away slowly with time, I’m not sure I have my fatigue problem kicked yet. I thought it was overtraining but now I’m not so sure. I did have bloodwork done earlier this year but all I got was “oh, there’s nothing wrong with you.” They didn’t even give me the exact results (numbers, etc.) Being that what’s normal for a non-athlete may not be normal for a runner…I’m thinking it may not hurt for me to get a second opinion and get re-tested while I’m really not in training for anything except to recover. Something to think about…

and of course, a day is not complete without a small-world encounter (finding out I went to college with a client of mine) and a missed connection on the subway. Dammit, why do I have to be so shy sometimes.

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2 thoughts on “green light!!

  1. congrats on being able to run. but remember what you wrote about taking it easy!i like your site redesign. where did you go to find the template and was it hard to do? was it easy? learning to link was a challenge enough for me…

  2. considering how crowded this race is, I don’t think taking it easy will be a problem :-p…as the results from the ’04 race show, over 5000 peeps ran this race. it’s a fun one-all finishers get medals and the finish line is the marathon finish line.thanks for the props on the blog makeover-i got the template from Blogger Templates-it’s pretty easy to copy and paste, but there was one line of javascript in there that I needed to debug-amazing how picky javascript can be, that one little line break can make it complain…

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