seasons a-changin

It’s finally that time of the year. Back in early June when I was forced to walk up Cat Hill in the midst of a sweltering speed workout, I thought fall would never arrive. Now, it’s getting dark by the time I leave work, it’s time to break out the long-sleeve CoolMax running shirts, the Central Park loop roads are covered with fallen leaves. but don’t know if it’s the chill in the air or the lack of daylight, but my energy level has been pretty zapped these last few days. i was perfectly content being a lazy bum for a good part of this weekend (might as well, as the next 2 weeks are gonna be pretty damn hectic) and i felt so drained from today’s run-and it was only 5.1 miles! maybe it’s just everything finally catching up with me. sometimes i wish my company was one of those that force their employees to take 5 consecutive vacay days at least once a year.

(ooh cool-one of my guilty pleasure movies, “bend it like beckham” is on TV right now. yay.)

now playing: “move on up” ~ curtis mayfield


3 thoughts on “seasons a-changin

  1. The weather was fantastic today! It’s the two weeks of the year in NYC I love…where it’s actually fall. Don’t blink too fast because before you know it…*poof* it’s gone.

  2. It is good running weather (well when it’s not rainy/windy), I think I’m more affected by the lack of daylight than anything else.I’m sure all the 6 am runners are looking forward to “falling back” next week :)I think we only had 2 seasons this year in NYC-summer and winter.

  3. You forgot about the season we are currently experiencing: RAIN! Who knew there was such a storm as a “superstorm.” I think they make this stuff up as they go along:)And yeah being a 6am runner, I miss the sun! It’s depressing to run/do anything the entirely in darkness…oi.

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