i *heart* running skirts

modeling the latest/greatest in running fashion
Let me just say, I think running skirts are the greatest addition to running fashion since CoolMax. I so adore the look-flirty and functional at the same time. And so versatile-I used mine this summer outside of running…around town running errands, or for picnics and the like in Central Park. I haven’t gotten much of a chance to actually run in mine-but was the perfect attire to play Flyer cheerleader in (as I am modeling here.) The one I’m wearing is the New Balance Andare Run Skirt-which I have in black and in blue. Those sold out quick!! I also love the look of the SkirtSports ones, but a little out of my price range…maybe someday if those go on sale.

A bunch of my 6 am gals got the black one that I have, but it’s sorta become my “schtick” of sorts. One of our male teammates think we should have the Flyer logo branded on it and make it official team wear.

Ah…we’re taking over the world.

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5 thoughts on “i *heart* running skirts

  1. Hey, I run too. But I don’t think they have these skirts in Canada yet. But thanks for the heads up. Question..will they flyup/rideup when I run?

  2. I’ve actually only run in mine once…it did do a decent jobs of covering, no flying up (then again it wasn’t a windy day either.) The shorts underneath did ride up, but I have that problem when just walking in it too, and with pretty much all shorts. But the good part of having the skirt part over it is that no one can see the shorts riding up :)It’s good for short runs, however I would stick to my RaceReady shorts for longer runs/races. (just for the pocket factor)

  3. interesting. i dont think i’ve seen one. or now that i think of it, maybe i confused them for tennis skirts. cause i remember being like ‘wait, why are those in this section?’ ps did not get chance to run central park. just drove alongside it en route to harlem restaurant/bar. next time i hope!

  4. They are really cute, and fun to wear. The ride-up factor is a non issue. If I were the designer, I woudl prefer it if the shorts showed in the back, I have gotten some pretty weird stares in mine – I guess b/c I am 42, people are horrified that I might possibly wear a skirt that short. Well, I wouldn’t except for running. As mentioned, it covers more than the shorts do.

  5. I just run the nyc marathon in my running skirt! It was awesome – so comfy – nothing between your legs to bunch up. check out runningskirts.com – their new line is going to be available in Canada and US. They are adorable!

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