glutton for punishment?

So last nite, I detoured from my 4-mile reservoir run to go say hi to my teammates who were doing their speed workout at the Delacorte (sp?) Oval. Watching them do that and the “boot camp” exercises afterwards, I couldn’t help but think, boy i wish i was out doing that too!!

But it was good to see everyone, if only for a few minutes…I feel like I’m missing out on so much not being at group runs or speedwork. There was also a downtown “fun run” the other nite that I had to miss out on too-looked like it would have been nice, plus there was the attraction of drinks afterwards :-x. So ironic, I’m one of the social chairs yet I feel like I’ve been so antisocial lately.

Thank god we do have a good share of non-running social events. I appreciated that last year, but even more so now. A coupla weeks ago, one of my teammates mentioned that someone in another club said about the Flyers “yeah, you guys drink a lot.” Guess I am doing my job right! :-p

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