missed connections

Yep-you know of that section on craigslist. You may even post an ad yourself time to time. Or browse through the ads wondering if you are someone’s missed connection.

Just came across…or thought of…several things tonite that made me think of that. The cute triathlete that I saw in spin class tonite-with what looked like his girlfriend. Why didn’t I try and get his # when we first saw each other a few months back (well actually yeah…I do know why-I was taken at the time and not up for playing games.) The JDate profiles that were viewed or hotlisted way back when and are no longer active now. The cute guy who, after crossing the finish line of an NYRR race, remembered taking my picture at a race a coupla weeks before that. Why I didn’t chat more with him then instead trying to find my friends, I don’t know.

NYC is chock-full of this-at least it has been in the 4 years I’ve been living here. The guy sitting next to you on the subway. Or in the elevator. Or in line with you at Starbucks. Or at the same NYRR race. If only to find…or prevent some of these from becoming missed connections.

now playing: “la tortura” ~ shakira


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