best laid plans

Well Friday nite turned out interesting.

Though I originally said “alcoholic escape,” all I really meant it to be was a coupla beers with friends at Niagara, casual, laid-back, etc…but it didn’t turn out that way. Well, I decided to be cute and text message the guy that I met last Sunday at my friend’s guest bartending nite. At first it was a game of “guess who” but I was eventually figured out 🙂 Anyway, coincidentally (or not, who knows,) he was meeting up with my friend and a coupla others nearby, so they stopped by for a few minutes before my friend had to leave, so A (the guy) and I met up with a coupla of his friends at a nearby karaoke bar. Ah yes…can’t pass up the chance to channel my inner pop diva. Was sorta crowded, so I only got to do 2 songs. (but man, let me say I never want to hear “Sweet Caroline” again after hearing it 3 times at the bar. variety, people. all about variety.) And having a coupla beers? I lost track after my 5th that evening. Anyway, before I knew it, was after 3 am, so A and I split a cab uptown-coupla smooches there, not bad. Ball is in his court now, methinks…

So EB sends me an evite to a party that’s part her housewarming, part Halloween. Dress code: “something innapropriately sexy.” I am almost positive it was AL-aka Dr. Insensitive-that requested that, haha. I will have to rack the brain for that one. As I don’t have the body to wear anything of that caliber-or even if I did I do have some modesty (though my boss and HR person would say otherwise, haha.) Funny, considering my running shorts show more leg than any skirt that I own, and there have been plenty of times when I had no problem wearing just a sportsbra and shorts…now that ain’t modest.

Yeah, running. Did the lower 5 on Saturday-first time doing my run totally on the roads, but I wanted to see if there is any possibility of doing the Marathon Kickoff 5-miler in 2 weeks. Probably wouldn’t race it, but just to get out there again. So the foot felt OK, but it still felt like work-it averaged out to a 9-minute pace and that felt like work. Maybe I could blame that on the beers and lack of sleep the nite before…

(btw-if a certain GNY guy is reading this-congrats on your PR!! told ya-that is a great race, right?)

now playing: “better the devil you know (live in manchester 2002 version)” ~ kylie minogue


7 thoughts on “best laid plans

  1. Sounds like you are getting the personal life going;) And yeah the ball is in the other court.I have to chuckle at your comment regarding running shorts being shorter than your skirts…As for, oh yeah, running, awesome! Getting back out there is half the battle…I’m sure you’ll “work” your way back in no time.

  2. It’s true!! (the whole short/skirt thing-well with the exception of my running skirts of course)The first time I was at a Flyers happy hour I was wearing a skirt and one of the guys on the team didn’t even recognize me at first (well more so because I was cleaned up) but he did make a comment about me showing more leg in running shorts than in street clothes…OK, i guess you had to be there :-)(HC, if you’re reading, you know who I’m talking about!)

  3. It actually crossed my mind that I could just put on one of my running outfits and an old race number and call that my Halloween costume. It is inappropriately sexy methinks, but it also might not smell that great!

  4. I did that once. As a costume, tho, it ends up being kinda lame.

  5. I actually did think about breaking out one of the running skirts with a sports bra or something.Now the dress code has been changed to G for gangsta :-p

  6. Hey! I did that last year. Except I added a twist. I had running gear on from the neck down, and a race number, but on top i took a piece of cardboard, some paper plates, cups, cutlery and play food from my kids, and stuck my head through it. ok, guess what i was.~~~A TABLE RUNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ well, i thought it was pretty clever. Just for fun, I wore Heelys (rolling sneakers) as well. Have fun! HeidiPS, trying to imagine who was leering at you in your skirt.

  7. do the initials GC ring a bell? :-p

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