I learned something new this Yom Kippur:
Not being able to eat for 24 hours=easy.
Not being able to take Midol during said 24 hour period=not easy.

Anyway, on a rare Thursday nite at home I actually got to watch some reality TV in real time (though I know I’ve complained that it’s jumped the shark, it’s like a trainwreck-can’t turn away sometimes.) Pretty good episode of Survivor last nite. Though Stephenie’s ego is beginning to reach Rupert-size proportions. If she doesn’t win this season, I’m sure they’ll think of some way to give her $1 million somehow. And with a lack of much else on afterwards, actually sat through the episode of the Apprentice. Just like Season 2-I can’t believe the cattiness and cliquiness of the ladies’ team. Is it really that hard for women to work together? Perhaps. I went through it this year on the Flyers’ social committee. Was originally with 2 other girls-that didn’t work out-partially because either of them didn’t know what they were getting into…but partially because they did not communicate at all. The committee went through a “corporate restructuring” of sorts and the 2 girls got swapped for 2 guys with whom I got along a lot better. (I’m not even gonna get into sorority life right now.) However, as fun as it’s been being social chair, I still am sorta looking forward to the year being up…planning social events in NYC is not an easy task. šŸ™‚

Another marathon/race weekend approaches…good luck to all marathoners…I believe up this weekend is BayState and Baltimore, as well as others…and on the local front, the Staten Island Half-Marathon. For everyone’s sake, I hope the mile marker guy isn’t drunk when positioning them this year. Good luck to all those running it. And rain rain please go away.

Speaking of marathons, they finally posted the bib #’s for NYC…and dayum, looks like I got a good number-an “F” number in the 3000’s. Kind of a shame I’m not using it, but hopefully I get as good a number next year…

Alcoholic escape tonite after work in the east village. yay…so need it.

(and Madonna’s new song kicks a$$. well at least the version that WKTU plays.)

now playing: “hung up” ~ madonna


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