happens once a year…

This nonstop rain we’ve been having has made its way into our subway system. I actually saw it raining on the local tracks at 34th street. freaky…

Anyone else remember when this happened last September? Or better yet, back in the summer of ’99 when rain knocked out all subway service in Manhattan during morning rush hour?

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4 thoughts on “happens once a year…

  1. I remember that last year. I got on the train about 5 minutes before apparently everything got out of control. It is quite enjoyable to have your umbrella blow inside out…yeah. However, to continue your blog running theme, I will be attending my team’s Wed night workout tonight -in the rain:-)

  2. I never made it on the train that day. Well at least not til 11 am…after failed attempts of trying to get on a crowded bus.My most vivid memory of that morning, actually, was my loverly 4-miler run that started off in the nice, refreshing drizzle and turned into a soaking downpour by halfway :-Don that topic of running in the rain, hope you and the team had a good workout in the rain last nite 😀

  3. Hey, how come nobody ever comments on MY blog????????Oh well! At least I can read this and see how you are doing. It’s a good week to be injured/resting/recovering/just plain lazy.Glad your keyboard is still feeling OK! Happy Holidays – hope to see you next week. HEIDI

  4. you need to update your log more often :-p

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