Reality TV has jumped the shark

A post like this was so due to come from me sooner or later.

Once upon a time, I was a reality TV addict. Thursdays were designated especially for Survivor, and eventually The Apprentice, as was Tuesdays for Amazing Race. And if I couldn’t be home, I never failed to set the VCR. But now? I haven’t watched a single episode of the Apprentice yet-was partially through the premiere before I switched it to something else. Have no desire to watch the family version of the Amazing Race. Survivor is still OK, but I forgot to tape the first 2 eps and my TiVo owning teammate came to my rescue, and having caught up on the show, am sick of it just being the Stephenie show this season. She got her chance last season, let the new castmembers get the screen time and all the confessionals. Although the one good thing so far is all the young girls getting booted early-now if only that could have happened on the season of Jenna and Heidi. But why is reality TV jumping the shark? I have several opinions on this…

1. These days, lots of people are going through a real “survival game”-between the hurricanes, earthquakes and whatever else. Kind of taints watching games like this on TV, I think. The seasons of Amazing Race and Survivor that aired right after 9/11 had the same affect, lower viewership (yes, I know way too much reality TV trivia.)
2. The casting is definitely not as good now. Too much stunt casting, too many “mactors” (model/actors.) Yes, they’re good to look at, but can they entertain? And for Amazing Race, stop casting contestants from other CBS reality shows. Rob and Amber ruined last season for me. Did they really need another chance at a million dollars? I don’t think so.
3. The Survivor and Amazing Race reruns from the first season to the present are being shown on OLN and GSN, respectively. Everything was so fresh and new then, and seeing that is a stark contrast to what’s on now.

But that’s all I got to watch when home during primetime these days…as the season is over for my boyz in pinstripes 😦 They put up a good fight though. Gotta give them that. I went out to the Dead Poet to support one of my teammates/friends guest bartending and to watch game 4. Was a good time, especially when the Yanks came from behind. And a guy friend of my friend was chatting me up for a good part of the evening. I could tell he was a little buzzed (he mentioned having started drinking that afternoon) so I teased him a little for that. Overall, didnt seem like a bad guy and I think we’re gonna go out next week. Not sure if he’s my type…but he seemed into me, and really knew how to make me laugh. So nothing to lose there. Plus I finally touched base with the guy that I met at Sweet & Vicious a coupla weeks ago…I think we’re gonna meet up sometime next weekend too. Again, not sure if this is one that’d be more than one date, but again, nothing to lose.

and oh yeah, this blog is supposed to be about running or something. after being a wimp on saturday i took advantage of the break in the rain and i did get a run in on sunday. foot didnt feel so bad but still felt slow and sluggish. i hate thinking about this time last year, how i was in the best shape of my life, was setting PR’s all over the place and I feel like a shadow of that now. yeah, i know it takes time to get back there, but still…

And congrats to all the weekend marathoners-teammates, bloggers, or whoever else. The gutsy performances in the Hartford monsoon, the great performances in Chicago, or whichever marathon was your choice. Props to those who ran, who PR’ed, BQ’ed, etc…

now playing: “house is not a home” ~ deborah cox

3 thoughts on “Reality TV has jumped the shark

  1. i confess i’m a reality tv wh—. but for me, it’s vh1 and mtv. i love surreal life, my fair brady (i love christopher knight), next, date my mom (ok, those arent exactly reality shows)…i havent seen the ones you write about but for a refreshing change, try vh1 celebreality. 😉 sorry to hear you can’t be running too much just now (injury, ya?). but if you can’t be running, dating’s not a bad alternative. keep us posted on how dates turn out!

  2. I use to be a reality tv addict (seems to be the word of the day around here) but not so much anymore. I think as you say it is just not fresh anymore…it’s a bad attempt at trying to make the public watch. For example, the Apprentice last season was HORRIBLE when they tried the street smarts vs book smarts. Yuck.Anyway, good luck and have fun with the dates:) It can’t hurt to give it a shot..and if you can’t be running, may as well satisfy a different palate:) Fall is the season…well that’s what my friends have been saying anyway…Be patient with the foot. Those PRs will be back in no time!

  3. I was originally addicted to MTV reality shows-Real World (mmmm…Eric Nies) and Road Rules, but both of them have gotten bad as of late as well.There’s another show that’s been showing occasionally on the WE channel that I like called “Kiss & Tell” (it actually originally aired last year on the NYMetro channel)-it’s kind of a “real life Sex and the City” It shows the bad dates as well as the good dates :-)and on that topic, thx for the good luck wishes on that…yep, what better way to temporarily replace running than with dating (and drinking!) i wish i was more excited about either of these guys, but better than nothing, right?

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