blame it on the rain…

Hi, my name is nyflygirl and I am a wuss. I had my alarm all set this morning to go out and do the last 4 miles of the LTR…heard the heavy pounding rain and thought, ugh, I just couldn’t do it. I’m pretty sure I made the right decision for me, but I just feel bad letting the team down (even though I think they had enough people…) Rainy days just make me feel so lazy and unmotivated as well. And the forecast is calling for rain all week. yay.

On the topic of running, I think I really made it official the other day that the NYC marathon is out for me this year…haven’t canceled my entry, but signed up to volunteer at the PowerGel station at mile 18 that the Flyers will be manning/womanning. I know there are some that thought I should just “get out there” and “just run it,” but realistically…I knew I would be asking for trouble ramping up mileage after being out for a month. I know all time goals would have gone out the window-when healthy, my goal was sub-4…which I thought was actually pretty realistic. Running a slower time would be one thing, death-marching would be another, and the latter is not how I’d want to remember my first marathon. I haven’t canceled my entry, as I have 9 races to give me entry for ’06. Plus I’m just curious to see what bib number I would have gotten.

In other news…in keeping with the latest heightened security alert for the subways…I got a call from my boss yesterday morning saying I could work from home if I needed to, that she was concerned about any of us commuting…I did unfortunately have stuff I needed to go into the office for. In the past 4 years, I never thought twice about taking the subways, but I dunno, yesterday I was more than a little nervous so I settled for a longer-than-usual bus commute. I do agree with Bloomberg’s decision to make this info public…as these days, ignorance is not always bliss.

And on the workfront…issues between us and one of our vendors. In keeping with the whole “market research is an extremely small world”-a distant cousin of mine works at one of the mailing houses that we use. We’ve actually given him a second chance-as he screwed up royally on one of my jobs last year. Anyway, things are getting very messy as we’re catching him in quite a few lies. He’s saying our jobs mailed on one day when the postmarks from undeliverables are 1-2 weeks later…and other things, but that’s really the big one, as it’s screwing our clients over as well. One would think that someone would make sure to do a good job on something if he knew it was for family, right? Who knows, all I can say is that I am disappointed. I never claim to be perfect, but…this is ridiculous, methinks.

Oh, and my newest discovery is that the iTunes music store is very cool. (yeah I know…how behind am I in that department?) Only thing really stopping me from downloading from there more is that it’s a pain to convert downloaded music from there to mp3…anyone else know of any programs that do that…short of just burning to CD and ripping mp3s from there?

On the baseball front, you can stick a fork in the Red Sox (sorry Boston fans), and unless my pinstripers turn it around, they may suffer the same fate 😦 Big Unit…why did you not show up for the game last nite??

Final note- good luck to anyone running marathons this weekend!! Chicago, Hartford, Steamtown or whatever else…

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4 thoughts on “blame it on the rain…

  1. 1st off…our Yankees did good last night! I’ll be watching ce soir with bated breath.And 2nd…totally right decision on the marathon. It just takes too much out of you and leaves you wrecked for a while, even if you run it slow just to run it. If you’ve got real time goals, better to save your body the beating. And worth waiting to get your race packet too. Get your expo ticket and check out the cool stuff there. You can always cancel your entry there if you feel like it, but there’s really no point. I probably won’t bother canceling mine.

  2. last nite was painful wasn’t it…well, on the bright side, (1) at least they had a postseason, short as it was and (2) they went down fighting in 5 instead of swept away in 3. though something tells me Steinbrenner won’t share that reasoning.. :-)Thanks-as tough as it was, I knew deep down I was making the right decision about the marathon. I felt it so hard to really throw in the towel, but it’ll hopefully be better next year when i’m fresher and a little more motivated. I don’t know whether it was the weather, or the fact that I was overtrained, but my heart just wasn’t into the training, even before I got injured.Yeah, I thought about waiting to get the race packet and even to get the goody bag at the expo too-one of my friends who had to cancel the day before the ’04 NYCM did the same thing. But I don’t know how I’d feel about having a t-shirt from a marathon I never ran. maybe i’m thinking too much there 🙂

  3. I wasn’t even thinking about picking up the t-shirt. I don’t think they actually say finisher on them anyway, so it’s just a NewYorkish souvenir really. I just like going to the expo because they always have interesting flavors and brands of energy gels that you don’t usually see at SuperRunners. CarbBoom Kiwi-Strawberry…Yum!

  4. And clothes…a girl can never have too many running clothes!!

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