Are the 20s the new 30s?

The question of the day, I suppose…

It’s obviously no secret that I am single…very single right now. Dating? Yes. Marriage? If I find the right guy, yes. Not in a huge huge rush for that, but as I mentioned previously, I do miss being in a serious relationship…in the last few years I’ve been lucky to have any relationship last longer than a month.

So, when I was home for the holidays, my mom and aunt were showing off the wedding “save the date” announcements they were getting from the sons/daughters of their friends…all in their 20s, younger than me. It’s just seemed like one after another these days. It just has me so confused…if the 30s are supposedly the best time to be single, why is everyone settling down in their 20s? Is it because NYC has one of the toughest dating scenes around? I guess we’ve got “Sex and the City” to partially thank for that image…as much as I love that show. (and i know damn well that show portrays an unrealistic image of “real” NYC life. As I do not have the face or body of Sarah Jessica Parker, and I would not be able to afford her apartment, wardrobe, and lifestyle.)

Anyway. That aside.

Last nite had a nice pizza dinner with the Flyers at Patsy’s on the east side…was kind of an orientation of sorts for the NYRR Long Training Run on Saturday, which we’re the pace leaders for. (I’m just helping out for the last 4 miles…yay, I get to sleep later.) Apparently there were issues with the one in the summer so they thought it was a good idea to sit down and review. I think last nite went pretty well…we’ll see on Saturdaty. As for me-I did 9 miles of the 9:30 group in the first Long Training Run in the summer…I personally was dead-on with the pace, but there were others in my group trying to speed up. Nothing I can do about that I guess but just not let it have an effect on me. Hope the weather cooperates for Saturday-rain looks to be in the forecast. :-
Anyway, a 10pm start for last nite’s Yankee game turned out to be too much for this girl…crashed much earlier than I wanted…not that I missed much. Chicago is up 2-0 now, and I really hope they take it in 3 or 4 games…for the sake of the Chicago marathoners.

3 thoughts on “Are the 20s the new 30s?

  1. i know youre really into music and from your tastes, i couln’t help but think you might like esthero. her new album came out a few months ago. i discovered her when ed asked me to review her disc and i loved it, loved it, loved it. all i can say is, enjoy your singleness. i know it’s hard when you’ve been single for years and want relationship. i guess, as someone attached (for now anyway) the grass is always greener…;-)

  2. I think it is a very different scene in NYC as opposed to elsewhere. With so many people that are in the same boat (single, 20s), it becomes dangerous. Dangerous in the sense that a lot have the mentality that there is always something better out there….Interesting you say that about the “pace leaders” because I felt it was a bit faster back in I ended up just doing my own run with a teammate (me and pacing are a good tandem). I’ll try and do the no rain dance for saturday though:)

  3. Most of the time, I do enjoy my singleness. I’ve noticed, that these bouts of second-guessing always seem to come after visiting the family. (won’t elaborate too much on this right now, but i was thisclose to being engaged 5 years ago and my family loved him-though at the end I didnt.) Besides hearing about others who are tying the knot, i’m sure the parentals wish i’d meet a “nice jewish guy” already-heck, i remember once my mom was looking through the Flyer race results for any 20-something guys who had Jewish-sounding last names…oh how little she knows. She was looking too young for my tastes, for starters!!PartyRunner-thanks for the music tip, I’ll definitely check that out…Uptown Girl-yep, those pace groups are notorious for being too fast. One of my friends who led the 8:30 group last time said she was doing 7:45s!! I think the one thing that people do forget is that it’s supposed to be a “non-competitive training run”…not a race.Also-if your club can get a team together for Hood to Coast you should definitely go for it…I’ve never done it, but the Flyers send at least one team every year and everyone says it’s great. Either that or RTB is somewhere down the line on the goals list for me…

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